Ruth Coleman
Reflecting On Goodness

I can’t quite believe it, but that is another Go Zambia trip completed.

The last few days of the trip were spent teaching the girls some new craft skills, loving people on the streets by offering to pray for them, a cultural visit to a tribal chief and a visit to a safari park. The team arrived back in the UK today all in one piece and with our suitcases, with the combination of pure tiredness, satisfaction and thankfulness definitely evident.

Despite our delirious selves, we’ve had time to make a few reflections on the trip that we thought we’d share with you…

Grace: “Throughout this trip I have loved getting to know the girls and boys at the centres. It taught me that spending time building friendships and relationships is invaluable. I enjoyed simple moments when there was effortless joy and I was just sharing the love of Jesus by simply being who God made me to be. This trip has been a learning curve for me as God has shown me more about my giftings and his plan for my life. Most of all I have learnt that God is in everything I do.”

Ben: “My favourite moment of the trip was the night that I had just put up the small basketball hoop at the side of the boys centre. When I passed by later, the boys were in a huddle shooting, taking it in turns and playing together. It may not sound like much, but for me that was a highlight to see the boys organising each other in a sport that they had just picked up on. The biggest thing that God has taught me on this trip is gratitude. Sometimes I can see in myself that I take things for granted and don’t think twice about it. But this trip has shown me how young kids can have little, but use it in such a big way to bring them joy and happiness.”

Timothy: “My favourite moment was playing basketball – some of the smaller children were on the sidelines so I found a small basketball and played catch with them. I made friends with one of the boys and we talked about the UK and how cold it was! I think that God has taught me to be more flexible and more open. I loved the energy with which the Church worshipped, and I hope to worship with more of the same energy at home.”

Steffi: “I have so many favourite moments that it is hard to choose one defining memory. However the reaction we received from the children at the community school is one that will forever be embedded in my mind. They stole my heart with their joy – my heart was simultaneously broken and full of delight for them. God has definitely been teaching me about trust. I think I have a tendency to be quite independent and I have trusted in structures that I have built for protection and support. God has begun the process of removing those things and has been speaking to me about being fearless in leaning into him for support and guidance.”

Deborah: “My favourite thing was witnessing and experiencing the vibrant life and amazing talents to be found in the Zambian Church. It has been a privilege to come alongside them and partner in the tremendous work they are doing. I was humbled by the warmth and hospitality that was shown to us. God has taught me on this trip to learn to recognise His hand at work in all things, whether good or bad, spectacular or mundane. Thankfully, He does not align His plans with our circumstances, but our circumstances to His plans!”

What a trip, what a country, what a privilege.

GoZambia17FinWe have been unbelievably blessed these past two weeks and would like to thank everyone for their constant love, support and prayers. Zambia has taught us many things, but one thing I’ll take away is this – love. Love is powerful and changes circumstances, love brings belief and change, love creates community, love surpasses human understanding, love goes on and on. And the greatest example we have of love is the love that God shows us.

Zambia has so beautifully reminded and demonstrated this love to us, and now we’re back in the UK to carry on what we’ve witnessed. So as Go Zambia 2017 officially ends, it’s effects have only really begun…

Love Ruth and the team x

This is the last blog post from the Go Zambia 2017 Team, but if you’d like to know any more then please contact: gozambia@christcentralchurches.org

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