Our History.

Over the past few years the Newfrontiers family has been going through an exciting period of transition. This culminated in a number of leaders being released to build their own apostolic teams, furthering mission, church planting, strengthening of churches and raising up new leaders. The intention of this multiplication of apostolic teams is to continue to multiply mission amongst the Newfrontiers family.

Transition - New Teams

One person has described this transition time as: "the sons are beginning to have families of their own!" One of these 'sons' is Jeremy Simpkins, who in 1999 along with his wife Ann, moved from the South Coast, where he had been an Elder at Kings Church Eastbourne, to the North East of England where he began to lead Jubilee Church Teesside. This was the start of what has developed into one of the new Newfrontiers apostolic teams...ChristCentral.

North Event (2004-2013)

Not long after their move, Jeremy started to serve other local churches in the growing North East region. In 2004 these eight churches decided to have a weekend away together called “North”, which attracted 450 people. This grew to become the North Event, which in 2012 gathered nearly 2,500 people.

Newfrontiers Apostolic Teams

Since then, more and more churches across the North of the UK began looking to Jeremy for apostolic leadership, giving birth to the North region of Newfrontiers UK (then known as Newfrontiers North UK). In 2009, Jeremy and Ann moved to lead the new leadership team at Christ Central, Manchester, a Newfrontiers Church in Manchester, which has become the base for much of what we do together. After 7 years in Manchester, Jeremy & Ann are following a call to be part of City Church Sheffield in 2017

As of August 2012 the Newfrontiers North UK Team became known as ChristCentral (Part of Newfrontiers). We are currently serving over 130 churches and church plants across central and northern England, Scotland, Northern Ireland, Wales, Canada, Ghana, Kenya, Peru, Scandinavia, Tanzania, and Zambia.

We are also working in partnership with teams who support a number of churches in Cambodia, Bolivia and Mexico.

Other UK Based Newfrontiers Apostolic Teams

ChristCentral is one of 5 UK based Newfrontiers Apostolic Teams. Each of these teams have their own sphere of ministry, both within the UK and in other nations. Steve Tibbert has been invited by the UK based apostles to provide facilitating leadership across the several different teams which now make up our family of churches in the UK. Steve & Deb Tibbert are based at King's Church London. You can read more about these teams by visiting their respective websites:

Name Team Leader Website
Catalyst David Devenish Visit
Commission Guy Miller Visit
New Ground Dave Holden Visit
Relational Mission Mike Betts Visit

What is Newfrontiers?


Historically, we have described Newfrontiers as an international family of churches working together, under the apostolic leadership of Terry Virgo. More recently, following a period of transition Newfrontiers can now be described as: a group of apostolic leaders partnering together on global mission, joined by common values and beliefs, shared mission and genuine relationships. There are currently approximately 1,500 churches around the world that work with a number of different Newfrontiers teams. You can find out more about Newfrontiers by visiting: newfrontierstogether.org

The sons are beginning to have families of their own!

Alan Preston, Elder CCK - describing the transition within Newfrontiers
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