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Are you over 18? IMPACT could turn your life upside down!

IMPACT is a one year full-time training, development and service programme designed to change your life and build the church. It is a great way to receive biblical training, discover and develop your gifts, grow in character, get involved church planting and serve God in the local church. It is also great fun!

WE ARE CURRENTLY UNSURE WHETHER WE WILL BE ABLE TO HOST AN IMPACT YEAR FOR THE 2020-2021 ACADEMIC YEAR. The main reason for this is that it is unclear whether the training and missions aspects of the course will be available. This wouldn't prevent you organising a volunteer year with your local church but we recommend you discuss this with your local leadership as soon as possible.

What does ChristCentral IMPACT involve?

Biblical Training
Training is a key part of IMPACT. The teaching will be focused on Biblical Landscape and theological understanding as well as personal development and in specific areas of gifting and practical skills. The main course of study will be the video based ‘Into the Word’ program. Additional training will be provided by members of the ChristCentral Team.

The training will be provided in three training blocks based at Barnabas Community Church in Shrewsbury and will take place in September, January and April. These times will also allow the students to get to know one another and enjoy some social time.

Students will also be able to take part in the Church Planting day and any Saturday Training days that take place during the period of the programme, at no additional cost. The two mission weeks will also include theological and practical training.

There will be two weeks of mission in the UK. The students will come together as a team to take part in mission weeks supporting two church plants. These will be led by members of the ChristCentral team alongside the church plant leaders.

The missions will include practical & on the job training in communicating the gospel in different contexts. Students will get the opportunity to help the church plants run events and work alongside the church planting team whilst you are there.

In addition IMPACT students may be able to get involved with an international mission trip[1], such as GoZambia or something arranged separately with any of our ChristCentral partners. This would help students discover what God is doing around the world and encourage churches that are often serving God in challenging environments. Students would be required to pay separately for this. Dates and locations to be announced.

Church-Based Project
Most of the student’s time will be spent working for their host church on a church-based project. All projects will focus on building the local church through serving others, building relationships and involvement in ministry and outreach.

Every church hosting an IMPACT student will work with the student to create a schedule detailing what that project will consist of, including hands-on training and support.

The church leaders will identify a Project Leader who will supervise the student in the work they will be doing on their project and organise an initial orientation week where the student meets staff and volunteers from the church and is introduced to the vision, values, programs and systems of the church.

The church-based project should help the student to grow in skills and gifting, but more importantly in character and relationship with God.

The church and student together will identify someone who will be able to disciple the student during their IMPACT year – this will be someone the student can be completely honest with about their successes and failures, joys and struggles, strengths and weaknesses.

Personal Study
Personal study is an important part of the year and students will be encouraged to set aside at least one half-day per week for personal reading and study. Study will be supervised by each church project leader.

On top of all of this, IMPACT students will also take part in five days of training at Center Parcs, alongside those on IMPACT from many of the other Newfrontiers teams (e.g. Catalyst, Commission, New Ground, Relational Mission etc.).

When does IMPACT start?

IMPACT runs from the beginning of September to the end of July.

Where will I be based?

You can choose to be based at any ChristCentral church that is running an IMPACT project. For some students this will be their local church.

What area can I serve in?

Depending on the location you may work on a new or existing project, on your own or with other IMPACT students. You should discuss this with your local church or with the church you are planning to be part of during your IMPACT year.

Where are the Biblical Training Blocks?

Training will be provided in three blocks at Barnabas Community Church in Shrewsbury and a week at Center Parcs Elveden Forest with all other Newfrontiers Impact teams from across the UK. [2]

How much will it cost?

The cost of IMPACT is £700. These fees cover tuition fees, admission and administrative costs, training block accommodation, the cost of the two UK missions, and a week away at Center Parcs in Elveden Forest. It does not, unfortunately, include the cost of travel to/from the training base or Center Parcs. The cost of living during the year is the responsibility of the student.

The full fee is required prior to the first training block in September. This can be paid via bank transfer or cheque. Details will be provided upon successful application.

Closing Date for Applications

The closing date for applications is midnight on 21st July. If you are in the process of putting together an application and the deadline is close please get in touch with us to let us know!

How do I apply?

Download the brochure

Application form

More Details

We've put together some information packs which will be helpful for churches thinking about hosting an IMPACT project and for all students who are joining our IMPACT program. The Project Proposal Form is for churches which would like to apply to host an IMPACT project.

Download the Student Information Pack

Download the Church Project Information Pack

Download the Project Proposal Form (for Churches)

If you have further questions or would like to speak to someone please contact:

[1]The International Missions team is an optional extra and may not be available every year. [back to missions section]

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A great opportunity for anyone over the age of 18 to serve God and make life long friends with others from across the UK.

IMPACT Training

Develop your gifts, grow in chararcter & get involved in church planting in the UK...

IMPACT Training

IMPACT has been the most important year of my life. My relationship with God will never be the same.

IMPACT Student

I've loved my time doing IMPACT. My understanding has been so thoroughly deepened by what I've learnt in the training sessions. Particularly for me I never knew the Old Testament had such depth and richness to it, frankly it's changed my view on the whole thing. Also having the opportunity throughout the year to be able to apply this newfound knowledge in working for my church has been simply amazing

Stewart IMPACT Student

Before IMPACT, I had a plan. I thought I knew what I was doing. And I postponed my plan for a year for God. Now, I know God has a plan, and I am happy to go where his plan takes me. That might not be exactly the same place I intended to go, but it is far more exciting! This year has definitely had an impact......

Luke IMPACT Student

Application Deadline

Please ensure we have all applications by 21st July

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Application form

Student Information Pack

Church Project Information Pack

Project Proposal Form (for Churches)

Training Weeks Schedule:

  • ChristCentral Training Week 1:
    2-6 September 2019 (Shrewsbury)
  • Newfrontiers Training:
    6-10 January 2020 (Center Parcs Elveden Forest)
  • ChristCentral Training Week 2:
    13-17 January 2020 (Shrewsbury)
  • ChristCentral Training Week 3:
    20-24 April 2020 (Shrewsbury)

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