Lee Yarbrough
Terry and Wendy Virgo - Visit to Mexico

Terry and Wendy Virgo - Visit to Mexico in March, 2017

“Lee, I was wondering if would like to have Wendy and I come down to Mexico for a visit, as we will be in Texas and we would have some time to come and be with you?”  When one receives an email like that, the only thing to do is to make it happen.

So recently Terry and Wendy were with us here in the city Guadalajara, as well as in Leon. 

The sense of Gods timing, as well as the teaching and ministry that both Terry and Wendy brought, was fabulous.

GuadalajaraIn Guadalajara speaking out of 2 Kings 7, Terry encouraged us as two of our churches gathered together for the Sunday meeting, to remember what God has done in our lives, how he’s given us the victory in Christ through God’s grace, but we are to remember to bring that blessing of God to the city.  It was a very encouraging and timely word for the churches in a city of approximately 7 million people!  After the meeting Terry prayed for many to be healed, and we saw people instantly healed right before our eyes.

We then moved on to Leon a city of almost 2 million, where Wendy spoke at a leaders wives retreat, sharing  her story of being a leaders wife, to around 40 ladies, wives of some of our key leaders.  She spoke openly about the importance of forgiveness for past hurts, and how to confront the enemy over past mistakes, as well as the virtue of laughter for the future things to come.  Also, she shared about not having fear regarding the future; regarding illness, finance, or children.  My wife Stacey said they had a wonderful time, a great sense of the goodness of God, and excellent times of praying for one another.

Meanwhile Terry and I were in town, meeting with around 80 of our key leaders, as well as some new people interested in being a part of what God is doing in Mexico.

Terry reminded us all of Gods story regarding himself, the birth of Newfrontiers, its recent past and transition, as well as the future!  So encouraging once again, to hear great stories of God faithfulness.

Saturday around 200 leaders both men and women, gathered to hear Terry teach wonderful messages of grace out the book of Romans.  The continual need for the teaching of grace, and its foundational importance, is a huge issue throughout Latin America.  Terry was surprised as well that several people came to him to ask him to sign his book, GODS LAVISH GRACE, which we had translated into Spanish several years ago.

Saturday evening we all went to a Futbol match where my son William plays professionally.  The result? A 1-1 draw, but we had a great and fun evening at the match.
Our last meeting with Terry and Wendy was on Sunday morning, where over 500 were gathered from 5 of our churches around the city, to hear about how God might allow us to be in the storm, but that He is right there with us even in middle it.  Another encouraging word about the importance to remember to trust in God, to remember that he is Sovereign over and in all things, and that He is with us always.

As we said “adios” to Terry and Wendy at the airport, I couldn’t help but think of the privilege and blessing it is to have such wonderful people with us here in Mexico once again.

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