Milly Jones
Pursuing God’s Presence

From April 3 to 10 Trinity Central was pleased to host a team from Kings Church, Horsham, in the UK. Andy and Hazel Robinson, joined by Jos, Jen, Irene, Keith, Jo, and Paul, spent their week in Vancouver teaching, encouraging, praying for and with us and generally sowing into the church. They came sharing their experiences of seeing the supernatural grow in their church, and growing our expectations for God to do the same in Vancouver.

It was a busy week - not much time for sightseeing! Prayer meetings, LifeGroup huddles, meeting with the worship team, prophetic training - all took place in the first few days of their arrival. Each gave opportunity for Trinity Central folk to hear amazing testimonies of what God has been doing in Horsham, coupled with wise teaching on how to press in to spiritual gifts.

The ‘peak’ of the week was the Pursuing God’s Presence conference on Saturday. It was a full day of worship and teaching, open to the whole church, and two other churches in the city of Vancouver were also invited. Westcoast Christian Fellowship supplied the venue, and their Men’s Retreat joined us for the morning, while many others from the church stayed the whole day.

In the morning, Andy brought a message on not letting unbelief prevent the Holy Spirit from doing all that He wants to do in our churches. He challenged us not to settle for one or two healings and think that’s enough - when God wants to do so much more. In the afternoon breakout sessions people could choose between learning about leading people in God’s presence, growing in the prophetic, or pastoral care training. It was a tough choice as they were all great topics! Coming back together we closed with a message from Hazel on fear, drawing on the Old Testament story of the spies sent into the Promised Land who let fear stop them from receiving the promises of God, in comparison to Caleb who trusted God to keep His word.

Sunday morning Andy blessed us one more time with his message on faith, drawing on the story of Noah who ‘started something only God could finish’ when he built a boat with a door only God could close! Showing how our works and actions are the evidence of our faith, Andy challenged us to be bold like Noah.

Throughout the week there were many prophetic words and pictures brought, which frequently lead to times of prayer and testimonies of healing. People encountered the Holy Spirit, some for the first time, others in a fresh new way.

We are so grateful for Andy and the whole team for giving their time and energy so generously to invest in us. The excitement is growing for God’s promise to give Trinity Central a ‘new normal’ in seeing the supernatural in our meetings.

Pursuing His Presence in the UK
If you are interested in learning more about seeing the supernatural grow in your life & church, and growing your expectations for God to do the same in your city, why not join us at Pursuing His Presence in Derby, UK on Saturday 20th May? We'd love to see you there! For full details and to book in now visit: pursuinghispresence.org

Article written by Milly Jones of Trinity Central, Vancouver. Trinity Central started as a church plant from Christ Central, Fredericton, NB in 2011. Find out more about Trinity Central by visiting their website: trinitycentral.org