Rachel Beadle
Healing Testimony - Rachel Beadle

The last few years have been a frustrating cycle of doctors’ appointments, consultants, tests and more tests. I have had ME / fibromyalgia / depression / migraine etc. for many years and it comes and goes but the last 4 years had seen a significant deterioration in my health. I had to stop driving due to unexplained (non-epileptic) seizures and spent the last 2 years pretty much housebound and the last year mostly unable to get out of bed. I walked with a crutch and used a wheelchair for any distance beyond the garden until August 25th 2016.

Summer 2016 saw us attending our annual church camp (Devoted) this time at Newark showground. We bought a lovely (according to me, not so much Stephen!) little vintage caravan as I was not going to cope in a tent. I had a seizure whilst putting up the awning (but that was the last one!).

During the weekend, I met one of the Prophetic Art team (Lesley) who suggested that I should be at the prophetic art workshop that afternoon.  The picture given to me was by somebody I had never met before and had the words “Be still and know that I am God”.  It also had many words including busy as a bee, effort, stress, tension, loud, din, noise, hard and troubled (such an accurate prophecy I knew at that point God was doing amazing things).  What a blessing the prophetic art afternoon turned out to be!

Over the four days of the event, whilst in meetings and during our times of worship, I was prayed for several times and on the Sunday evening my depression went.... (I had been due to start some stronger anti-depressants the next week and wasn’t looking forward to the side effects.) On Monday morning Stephen wheeled me into the service, me wearing ear plugs and ear defenders as the drums, vibrations and loud music were triggering auras (which often led to seizures). I hadn’t been able to stay for a full service. Over the course of the first few songs I got out of my wheelchair and walked (with my crutch) to the loudspeakers next to the band and removed my ear defenders and plugs..... No aura!!! By this time Stephen had noticed I wasn’t sat next to him and looked rather bemused to see me standing some distance away! By the end of the service I had put down my crutch, was walking upright and unaided and worshipping with my hands in the air!!!!

After many people hugging and joining in the excitement I walked back to the tent (leaving Stephen with the empty wheelchair, crutch and belongings!) I ran up to my friend at the campsite and saw the children open-mouthed as I ran up to them and picked them up in a bear hug! I ran a race with Reuben, did 10 push-ups with Nathaniel and we all spent the journey home in shocked euphoria.

I went to the doctor who could not believe the change and has written in my medical records “miraculously healed” no other explanation..... I can eat gluten again for the first time in 7 years with none of the awful and very rapid side-effects..... This just doesn’t happen!!!! I’m no longer taking any medication. I am walking up to 4 miles a day with the dog who doesn’t know what to make of the new me.

I’m back to enjoying my crafts, book club, playing my violin and double bass (not in public yet!), gardening, decorating etc. it is so good to be able to do these things... even using an electric toothbrush, vacuuming and cooking without auras or the risk of seizures; it’s the little things!!! As of 25 August 2017 I will be able to drive again!

Our family is growing closer to one another and to God through our healing. Our marriage is stronger and we have Joy in our lives where there was despair. (“Joy” was a word I had been given prophetically several times over the years and from one of prophetic art workshops from the previous year at Devoted).  I had been hanging on to God’s promise that I would feel joy again. It is not only my healing but very much ours!

God has impacted our lives so significantly over this past year. Even the neighbours (and friends of neighbours) in our village are asking about the “miracle”. It’s certainly given those who don’t believe in God something to think about (my hairdresser has even said she’d like to come to visit our church!)

I truly believe the prophetic art workshop on Saturday afternoon was a significant part in my miraculous healing!

We are still finding our new normal but the boys agree that the weekend on church camp was one of the best times of their life! It’s good to be back!

We have an awesome God!!!!

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