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Healing Testimony - Eric


“The first thing should know is that I went for an MRI earlier this year because of severe pain in my neck, caused by crumbling spinal disks. I couldn’t use my neck properly and had limited movement, which caused a lot of problems, especially when driving.

After the MRI, I went with Jane and Graham (my small group leaders) to see the surgeon and discuss an operation. The plan had been to fuse three disks in my neck together, but at the meeting the surgeon told me that there was not enough of the disks left to fuse them together. The operation was impossible, and there was no suitable alternative. This left me facing the reality of permanent, horrendous pain in my neck for the rest of my life.

I had earlier that week also managed to hurt my knee getting out of the car. I had torn the ligaments and part of the cartilage and the bones were rubbing together. I was using crutches and walking sticks as I couldn’t put my foot down on ground.

That week I went to small group as normal. We were talking about healing and people were invited to be prayed for. My knee was so painful that I couldn’t even let people put hands on it, but they gathered round and simply laid hands on me. I wasn’t thinking about my neck, and specifically asked for prayer for my knee. As they prayed, my neck got really red hot, so much so I thought about asking them to stop. When they finished praying, I didn’t say anything.

The next day, I saw Rosalind from our small group in ASDA. I wasn’t using any crutches or sticks and she asked me how my knee was doing. I answered that my knee was still painful, but better, which was good because the hospital had just cancelled my appointment.

I went back home and as I walked in the door the surgeon rang, saying it was a mistake to cancel the appointment, could I still come in. So the next day, when I was due to go in to see surgeon, I got up, did normal stuff, house work etc… and realised that I had full movement in my neck with no pain whatsoever. I was like; wow, and there was no pain in my knee either.

I kept my appointment and told the surgeon that I had been prayed for and that God had totally healed me. He didn’t believe me and despite thoroughly examining my knee he still insisted I had to have surgery. When I asked why, he told me he was certain the pain would come back eventually.

Nearly a month on, I am still waiting to see surgeon for medical confirmation, but my neck and knee are still perfectly healed. Thank you, Jesus!”