Rob Coleman
CABS Fund - Supporting Streetlife

Would you consider helping to sponsor a young person in Zambia through the CABS Fund?
CABS stands for College, Apprenticeship and Business Sponsorship. It’s a fund and mentoring scheme aimed at helping young people on the Streetlife Orphans Project, overseen by Joseph & Lillian Mwila, who have completed their school education and who now need to transition into adult life. As the name suggests, many are ready to attend College while others are seeking an apprenticeship or have plans to set up their own small-scale business such as chicken farming (a common scenario in Zambia).
The start-up costs for a chicken business would be about £900, and the cost of College courses and maintenance ranges from approx. £1,200 - £2,400 per year. All of these costs and expenses are considerably cheaper than the equivalent situation in a Western context, so our donations really do go a long way. But of course every one of the options available would be way out of the reach of Zambian young people without our assistance.

You could create a link with a particular student by sponsoring them through their individual situation. Or you may prefer to make a one-off or regular donation into the Fund.
Since we launched the fund a few years ago it has been almost entirely funded by Grace Church, Bolton. However there were only 15 or so children in the picture then whereas now there are 50! (Those orphans who are residential in the two Centres) Our heart is big but we know that we need others to help us with this now.
On our last two visits to Zambia we gathered the young people benefiting from the fund or soon to do so, taking them out for a meal to hear their stories and to encourage them to make the most of this opportunity. It was very moving to hear their heartfelt appreciation; in particular two of them had recently met with wider family members at a funeral and wedding respectively, and realised that they were the first people from their entire extended family to attend College. A wonderful example of the Lord lifting the heads of the downtrodden!
If you are interested in helping with this then please follow the link to the full brochure, or contact Rob Coleman on rob@gracecentre.org.uk or 07450 769952. Thank you!

You can find out more by downloading the brochure here

Why not watch the Streetlife Introduction Video which was shown at Devoted 2015?  You can download two versions of this video for use in churches or small groups:

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