Ruth Coleman
Making time not to be busy


We’re currently day 4 of Go Zambia 2017 and just at the beginning of our adventure. There’s been plenty of laughter, a few tears, and epic games of hide and seek (a freezer may have been involved). The team are having an amazing time, and thought we’d keep you updated…

On our first full day here, the Team went to the church service at Grace Church, led by Joseph and Lillian Mwila. After showing off our best dance moves, we led a service for the youth of the church, with one of our team members Steffi teaching the youth in how to grow in the prophetic and listening to God. It was incredible to see the team getting alongside these young people, and witnessing the youth realising they are so loved by God. Over the past two days, we've spent the majority of our time getting to know the girls and boys at the two centres run by Streetlife Project. This is a charity that supports vulnerable children and young people, giving them a home, food, friendships and an education. These children are so precious and their joy so infectious. A joy despite circumstances, a joy that goes beyond what the world describes as ‘success’, a joy found in knowing love and security. And man do they know how to play dodgeball.

Today I asked the team what they have been struck by so far. Their answer? Community. How they are valuing making time for people, building friendships and just interacting with others. I realise that in my life, I often try to fit everything into a schedule, and people can often come second after and if I get all my jobs done. But Zambia is different. Friendships here are so real, deep and built on respect and love for one another. You feel valued, known, loved.  People come first, and getting to know a person is priority. People look out for each other, and everyone is welcomed into community. I so want more of that in my life.

Over the next few days we’ll be helping with the feeding of street children, doing crafts with the girls, and organising a UK vs. Zambia basketball match. We’re loving every second of life out here and we’re only on day 4. Let’s see what else happens!

Love Ruth and The Team x

For those who pray:

    •  Continued health for the team
    •  The girls and boys we’re interacting with
    •  Courage and boldness for the team
    •  The UK team’s basketball skills

This article was originally posted on the Go Zambia blog here.