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School of Worship - Ontario

While worship has greatly changed over several decades, it is our goal to introduce worship that is Christ-centered and corporately engaging. Participants will learn the dynamics of what it means to come together with a song, a teaching, a revelation, a tongue and an interpretation. They will take away an appreciation for God’s presence and the diversity of gifts within of the body of Christ. Situated in a small group environment, participants will make new friends while improving their craft. They will experience the Word and the Spirit in fresh ways, and grow confident in making contributions to the body of Christ. They will grow in the grace of God and in their ability to lead in worship. It’s a 5 month investment in central Canada for a lifetime benefit in the purposes of God. It’s an amazing opportunity of being instructed by Godly leaders within ChristCentral and Common Ground Churches.

The Course will last for 21 weeks comprising 4 days teaching and practical, followed by 1 day with hands-on experience amongst the common Ground Group of Churches.

Course Leaders
Stephen & Cindy Best - live in Peterborough, Ontario and have led churches for over 35 years, and have been involved with apostolic groups and teams since the ‘80’s. Stephen has a BA in sociology, and Cindy has worked for 35 years as a registered nurse in labor and delivery, and in public health. Together they have raised a growing family that now includes several grandchildren. Stephen & Cindy enjoy British TV dramas, outdoor life and modern folk music.

Fernando & Esther Torres - are from Peru, they have 3 children Paula, Elisa and Nico. They have lived in Peterborough, Ontario for the last 3 years and together with their children are enjoying the experience of living in Canada and being involved with the COMMON GROUND & Newfrontiers famliy of churches. Fernando leads the worship team at River Run Fellowship, Peterborough. He studied ‘music as a ministry within the church’ at a bible institute in Peru. Fernando has served in worship teams for over 30 years and for 10 of those years has led worship in a large congregation in EMMANUEL–SAN ISIDRO in Lima. Fernando is dedicated to strengthening our relationship with God and believes that worship is inherent to that relationship.

Our teachers will include leaders based in Canada, the UK and South America through our partnership with ChristCentral Churches, part of the Newfrontiers family of churches.

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