Terry Virgo
Whatever happened to the promised revival?

Whatever happened to the promised revival?
By Terry Virgo

Talk of revival isn’t nearly as common as it used to be. Terry Virgo explains why now may be the time to pray again.

Revival is a theme which used to stir believers more than it does today. When I was first converted in the 60s it was the subject of prayer meetings and inspiring books recounting amazing stories of what God had done in previous generations. Excitement continued to build and by the 1990s our worship songs were full of revival-centred lyrics such as ‘We need another Pentecost’, ‘A time of jubilee is coming when young and old return to Jesus’ and ‘Send revival, start with me’.
Since then, talk of revival across the evangelical Church has subsided. But I believe now is the time for us to take revival seriously once more. I’ve been stirred to pray again and I’m not the only one. Earlier this year, Newfrontiers leaders gathered at Westminster Chapel to pray with fervour and passion that God would again send revival.

In the classical sense revival is not, as some of our American brothers would regard it, a series of evangelistic meetings, but rather a phenomenal sovereign intervention from God which starts in the Church, often leading to profound repentance and fresh encounters with God. This overflows into the world, resulting in large numbers of conversions and ultimately leading to a climate of social change. Jonathan Edwards regarded revival as “God’s major means of extending his kingdom”. This is certainly something we desperately need in our modern society!

Editor: Terry's article goes on to look at the following headings:

    • The 1859 Revival
    • The Charismatic Renewal
    • Elijah, the troubler of Israel
    • Prophetic Signs
    • Pray for revival again

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