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Newday Live 2017

Turn up your volume! This is a CD! This particular CD is one of the 750/1,000 limited edition Newday Worship Live 2017 albums that we have left at HQ. ...... We all love a bit of Spotify and iTunes Music. But you can't use Spotify as a Newday branded coaster for your can of Monster or play iTunes music in your mates car because they haven't even got bluetooth yet. Link in the bio if you want a free instant grat track and sheet music... oh... and a great live Worship CD. ...... @newdayworship @newdaythelounge #lovejesus #nd17 #worship

Live worship captured at the Newday 2017 event. Featuring Simon and Anna Brading, Hanna Silvester, George Benson, Jack Wintermeyer, the Newday strings as well as Sharene Ricketts and the King's Church, London Worship team.

Through the Fire
Rock of Ages
It is Well
What a Beautiful Name
Hallowed be Your Name
Mention of Your Name
You are Good
Before the Start
I'll Never
Before the Throne

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