Martin Charlesworth
Jubilee+ Annual Summary

It has been another exciting year in the life of Jubilee+, yet once again set against the backdrop of very diffcult times for thousands of people in our nation.

Each year we publish this annual report to coincide with our national conference, Churches that Change Communities. Our hope in publishing this overview of our activities is that even with the day-to-day challenges we all see around us, you will feel encouraged that the Church in Britain continues to be at the forefront of caring for the poorest.

We see two trends at work in our nation at the moment. Life is becoming tougher for those facing poverty in our communities and we anticipate this trend continuing. But we also serve a God whose heart has always been especially inclined towards the poor and today, across the country and across denominations, we see an increasing sense of God’s call to His people to be highly active in alleviating poverty and advocating for justice.

The Jubilee+ team continues to work hard at empowering individual Christians and churches to play their part in making a tangible, positive difference, not only to people who have found themselves in crisis, but also in creating a healthy society as a whole.

I hope you enjoy finding out more about Jubilee+ from this booklet. Please contact us if you would like to know more about how you can partner with us in the future.

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Martin Charlesworth
Jubiee+ team leader

Jubilee+ Summary