Nigel Ring
Jeremy speaks to Nigel Ring

From time to time I bring a report from one of the Newfrontiers apostolic teams when I meet up with an old friend who leads one. It is always such a joy to hear what God is doing around the world and how he continues to show favour on us as an ever expanding family of churches.

Recently, while at a day with the Jubilee+ team to which Jeremy Simpkins and I had been invited, we were able to grab a few minutes to reflect together. I hope you will enjoy eavesdropping on our conversation.

Spheres networking together
When Newfrontiers was redefined in 2011 as a network of apostolic teams we felt it important that teams were to be both autonomous and interdependent. As a network of teams we recognised that some of the ‘knots’ in the net would have particularly strong links with a few other ‘knots’ while retaining more distant relationship with others. Jeremy talks about how this has worked out in his case with particularly strong links with teams based in Mexico, Zambia and Canada. He explains how this has ‘teeth’; it is not just a theory but he shares how it works out in practice.

The Poor
Jeremy also shares his heart about ministry with the poor, referring to the talk given by Simon Pettit in 1998 about it being an apostolic mandate to remember the poor. This is also available in a shorter version.