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A Word From MayoMayo
Lillian MwilaIt’s always a pleasure to write to you so that we can update you on the happenings here. We are now officially in our summer with temperatures reaching 35 degrees celsius, which is quite hot! But it’s dry and pleasant for us, though sometimes we are also tending to think that someone can easily melt here…

We have continued praying for our Nation despite the ever increasing levels of poverty due to high inflation. The prices of most commodities are still quite high and for most people it is becoming difficult to keep up with this increased prices!

We are praying for a good rainfall so we can have a bumper harvest. The rains seem to be responding and farmers are already preparing their fields. This morning Joseph was also encouraging all pastors to also get involved in farming. We thank God for some of them who have done the training in Foundations for Farming who are championing this and we know it will pay off as we have had great testimonies from those who have been doing it.

November is the month when our exams begin, so the children in this age group are preparing for this! We value your prayers for peace and concentration. We are also praying that they may feel confident. We have had to get some tutors to prepare them, so we are hoping they are ready.

We are also thankful for the people that have visited us including Jeremy and Ann and the team. These visits always brings us such huge support and the prophetic words over the children makes them get even more confident in knowing that God loves them deeply. Each guest brings with them a unique experience for our children.

Of course we celebrate God and all our partners for GoZambia 2017 which has led this year to one of our girls doing a GoUK 
for the first time. This was a huge success of faith as getting a Visa for the UK is really difficult! This has been another way the Lord has shown to us that He is behind this project. He forever remains faithful.
As we come to the end of this year, thanks again for the opportunity of sharing in the burden of getting the school requirements and getting the children ready for 2018. We hope the children can celebrate Christmas but more that they can be ready for start of school in 2018.
Our expectations for 2018 are grand but we are praying that all our partners remain blessed and highly favoured of the Lord. We have a lot of dreams we are praying to come true, but are hopeful that He who began a good work in us may continue and bring His purposes to completion. We are hopeful that the feeding programs shall continue and we are thankful for those who are giving towards improving the health of our meals by giving to the supplying of eggs. We have talked to one of our farmers who has agreed to be supplying them right at our doorstep in Luangua. We also are praying that we could increase from one day to two days for each feeding centre.

Challenges are always part of the game and our government keep coming up with new regulations on how we keep the centres. We have been told to have things like a health certificate, fire certificate and improve the structures of our kitchens in the two homes among other things that they want us to do. Unfortunately all these are proving to be quite an expensive exercise which they are insisting on. However, needless to say our thanks go to God as we sing the old hymn, “Great is thy faithfulness Lord unto me.....”
Featuring: Bevin Kasakula
Bevin KasakulaHi, my name is Bevin Kasakula, I was born in Kitwe theyear 1991. I was born last in a family of three.
I was raised by a single parent, my mother, since my father died when I was just a young boy. My mom tried to raise me on her own but could only manage to pay school fees in my early days in school. Though it wasn’t easy for her, she was able to pay until I reached my fourth grade. When in grade 4, things got a little more difficult for my mother and she could not continue to pay fees for my education anymore.

My mother decided to seek help because I couldn't continue staying at home doing nothing. 
In the year 2006, I was adopted by this orphanage called Dayspring Streetlife project, and was sponsored, I started grade five at a school called Kids Care Primary. I went to Kids care from grade 5 to grade 7, after that I went to Twataizya International Christian Academy School. 

Dayspring Streetlife project received ten scholarships and I was selected among the ten. This was a very good school with some serious teachers, I enjoyed my junior secondary school education there, though I was unlucky when I was in grade nine, I could not sit for the final exam because the registration did not go well, I was not given an exam number, so as a result I missed the exam that year, and waited until the following year to write my grade nine final exams. I managed to write and passed that year. I went to Mukuba High School in grade 10 to 12, but at grade 12 I didn’t manage to do well at my final exams but had to move on anyway.

I started doing some part time jobs trying to make some money. One day I saw this poster of a college in Mansa, which is in Luapula province a place out of the Copperbelt, which was advertising some courses which only required a grade nine certificate, and I didn't hesitate to apply, and I was accepted in no time.

I went to Mansa to do a certificate in Bricklaying. This was a two year course. I was happy doing it, because it made me feel better about myself after what had happened at grade 12. While doing my studies I encountered some problems both in my studies and acquiring study material. Mathematics gave me a problem but I managed. By God's grace I managed to graduate with a full certificate in bricklaying, and I topped that up with some extra lessons in electricity, I learned how to wire a house, and I want to get another certificate in electrical engineering God willing someday.

With God, I have managed to achieve what I never even thought of , and now I plan on making my own construction company in the future, after upgrading my studies. I thank God for Dayspring Streetlife project and my sponsors out there for being there for me.

Our Motto
Dayspring Streetlife project’s motto is ‘REBUILDING CONFIDENCE’ and we aimto ‘PUT A SMILE BACK ON A CHILDS FACE
Prayer Requests

  • For all our children to have the fear of God and understanding in their learning in school.
  • For all the children writing exams this October.
  • For wisdom and the grace of God for all current volunteers and Mayomayo.
  • A bus for school transport. We are spending a lot of money on school transport the money that could have been used for other school requirements.
  • Children to Rebuild Confidence.
  • We thank God for the reading skills program though we still need more efforts in the same area.
  • Pray for the success of running the apartment as a lodge, doing broiler chickens at our farm and the start of the school which are all Income Generating Initiatives for our projects with the view of the profits being ploughed back into the project.
We thank God for those that have come on board but we still need more to sponsor a child as the list of those on the waiting list keeps growing. Our needs have now gone to those finishing grade 12 (or their GCSE) to get into college. We have CABS, ( College Apprenticeship and Business Studies ) a fund where we hope people could give towards college.

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About The Author:
Lillian Mwila
- started Streetlife after feeling stirred by God about the plight of street children in Kitwe. The project has grown and they now run two orphanages, serve over 1,500 meals to children in poor communities and sponsor over 150 orphans back to schools and colleges. Lillian is married to Joseph and they have four of their own children and countless other spiritual children across Zambia!


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