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Equipped by Chris Kilby

Equipped is a book written from experience. Chris Kilby takes us through the pages of Scripture and lands us in our world, ready to change it. This is not a specialist book for the few, but an encouragement to every believer to nd and succeed in the adventure of faith. Chris’ writing style is highly readable, launching from the foundation of the bible into a wealth of thrilling stories and adventures. As an equipping book, it both inspires and gives us really practical tools to make every follower of Jesus more fulfilled and effective.

Sam Hailes, Deputy Editor of Premier Christian Magazine and journalist on Premier Christian Radio said of Equipped:

‘Chris Kilby’s remarkable passion has long been an inspiration to Christians like me who o en nd it a little harder to share their faith. I’m delighted that Chris has written Equipped to help us communicate God’s love in a winsome yet power l way. Equipped is a fantastic resource. Not only will it give you the tools to start speaking for Jesus, it will inspire you to want to.’

Chris is the founding leader of Life Church in Southampton, UK, and travels widely, serving churches with his preaching and evangelistic gift. He is married to Jo and they have been busy raising four children.

You can buy a copy of equipped here.

What people are saying ...

'This is a really important message and tool to put in the hands of believers for both equipping them and encouraging them. I love the stories and the challenges.'

Guy Miller – Apostolic Leader of the Commission family of churches.

'Chris's excellently constructed book reminds us of God's glorious provision. Well-argued from Scripture and liberally scattered with stories and vivid illustrations it carries you along and strengthens your resolve. Let the book in your hands inspire you to fresh confidence and help you resolve to grasp all that God has provided for your fruitfulness and effectiveness.'

Terry Virgo – Founder of Newfrontiers

'Chris’ life is shaped by his love of God and his identity in Christ. He authentically and unselfconsciously shares the fullness of life with us. Every conversation I have had with Chris over the last 15 years has encouraged me to be bolder, more creative and more generous in evangelism. I still tell the stories of the missions he invited me to be part of and all that he so readily gave away. Chris is a gifted story teller, he has done it again in writing this book. Read it and your heart will warm – he takes us from scripture , to the character of God, to the compulsion of ordinary men and women, called and equipped by God to do extraordinary things.'

David Williams – Bishop of Basingstoke

'I loved it. I couldn't put it down and read it all in a single sitting! Chris has done a really great job here. This is a book that needs to be read widely. I found the style really easy to read, yet challenging. I love the way that he weaves a lot of biblical exegesis together with lots of very accessible stories.'

Phil Moore – Author (‘Straight to the heart’ Bible commentaries) & Leader of Everyday Church London

'Chris Kilby’s passion for communicating the Gospel is evident in every chapter of this book. His illustrations are vivid and, combined with the many stories he tells, provide the perfect recipe to ignite a renewed passion and challenge to take the unchanging Gospel to the changing world.'

Vinu Paul – Apostolic Leader of Commission India & Leader of Living Hope Church, Mumbai

'Chris takes us from the Bible, God and Jesus, across a bridge to the normal life we know so well, and back again. He builds that bridge so well and criss-crosses it so often in this book that I found myself wanting to join him on the journey. Chris has made a scary subject seem accessible and hugely appealing.'

Adrian Holloway – Leader of The John 3:16 Trust, Evangelist & Author ('The Shock of Your Life', 'Aftershock’)

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