Kenny Baird
Can you support Origin?

Origin is a community initiative which has sprung up from a few friends doing life together and seeking to live out our faith. We are friends, working together to restore and revive a space of once unused land, creating a space for community to develop, a space where people from across the north coast can learn about sustainability, growing our own food, well-being, and much more.

"Community happens when we linger together, sit around a table, discuss and enjoy one another's company"

Everything we’ve built had been achieved through this group of friends building, digging and investing of themselves - we specifically didn’t want to become a place where people were considered ‘projects’, so we’ve created a space where everyone who joins in becomes part of the cooperative and gets to take part of the harvest home. We also give away a minimum of 10% of all we grow to food banks and local people we know who are in need food. The aim of Origin is to create a space where people can rest, slow down, learn together and build community. It's for local people who perhaps don't have a natural community of their own, or those who have been struggling with mental health, isolation and loneliness issues. It's also a space where people can come together and improve their health and wellbeing. 

Everything given through this GoFundMe campaign will go straight into building poly tunnels, buying tools, clearing more growing space... all so we can see more people get involved, so that more people who are isolated in our community can come together and experience community, where those who want to learn how to live more healthy lives can come and grow their own food, learn how to cook it and enjoy eating it with others...

It’s wonderful to see all that’s happening at Origin. It’s amazing to then realise that it’s because of a small group of friends who are part of Collective Church seeing an opportunity to love their local rural community, and simply going for it!

The next steps for Origin are exciting. We just need some help to get there. If you are able to connect us with anyone wanting to support us, in any way, even just to spread the word, it would mean so much.

You can find out more about us at originspace.org, and we’re on all the social media outlets too.


Origin is an initiative set up by a group of friends from Collective Church. Collective Church is a ChristCentral church plant based on the North Coast of Northern Ireland. If you are able to support them in this project please visit their gofundme campaign site: gofundme.com/origincommunityspace