Steve Hurd
2020 Initiative

Blackpool2020The 2020 initiative aims to plant at least 20 new churches by the year 2020 Planting new churches is one of the best ways of re-evangelising our nation.

Newfrontiers has a prophetic mandate to ask God for 1,000 churches in the United Kingdom. Currently there are around 300, most of these are situated in the south of the UK.

In the North of England, Scotland and Wales there are numerous towns and cities with significant populations where not only are there no Newfrontiers churches but very few evangelical or charismatic churches of any great size.

We want to pick up and run with the mandate God has given us and plant churches that will plant more churches in our major towns and cities.

How will we do this?
Successful church planting is all about getting the right team, with the right leader, into the right location, at the right time, with the right resources to do the job.

The 2020 Initiative will help to bring all these factors together through a variety of different means. You can read more about our 2020 Initiative by visiting: www.2020initiative.org