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Yorkshire Amplify

Great to see over 60 young people from across our churches gather together for Yorkshire Amplify last Saturday.

As well as games & food, we had space to worship together with contributions from the young people sharing pictures, verses & words. We challenged each other by looking at James 1:22-26 - to be a generation that is responsive & active in our faith when Jesus speaks, rather than passive.

We looked at how people in the past put their faith into action and earnestly sought the Lord (Psalm 63:1), and considered how we can do that now. It's been encouraging to receive feedback from the evening already - one girl said 'she felt cleansed', another said 'it was just Jesus & him alone' and others spoke of feeling 'closer to God'. Let's continue to pray for this emerging generation. Our next Yorkshire Amplify will be October 2018.

Update from: City Valley Church