Nigel Ring
Nigel Ring speaks to Steve Tibbert

Following Terry Virgo recognising fifteen apostles as the dispersed leadership of Newfrontiers in 2011 a redefinition took place. From being a ‘family of churches’ Newfrontiers became a ‘group of apostolic leaders partnering together on global mission’. As part of this transition Steve Tibbert, leader of King’s Church, London, was invited to facilitate a gathering from time to time of the apostles who have responsibility for churches in the UK. This now happens for two days three times per year, primarily for fellowship and prayer – and lots of laughter! In this way the ‘apostolic spheres’ have intentionally become both autonomous and inter-dependent.

Recently I had the pleasure of sitting with Steve to ask him to bring us up to date with how things are progressing. I think you will find his observations very encouraging.

This article originally appeared on: Feeding 5,000 is no picnic… by Nigel Ring accessed on 23/04/2018