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Devoted LifeZones

LifeZones are interactive teaching times that are aimed at helping you in your daily life.

Our LifeZones start at around 11.15am after our Family Worship time together. This gives you around 30 minutes to drop your children, get a coffee, chat to friends, or give one of our many volunteers a hug to tell them they’re doing a great job! You can follow one track all weekend, or mix and match – whatever takes your fancy really. All available talks will be accessible online after the weekend. The LifeZones will finish around 12.30pm – if you do have children, please don’t forget to pick them up or arrange for them to be picked up – they get hungry at lunchtime!

Our LifeZone themes include:

    • Understanding the world around you - with Martin Charlesworth & Karen Williams
    • A Taste for the Nations - with Lee & Stacey Yarbrough, Tony & Val Harwood and Josh Bye - hosted by Graham Anns
    • Karma Calamity - A look at the book of Ecclesiastes - with Alan Rose
    • Parenting - with Roger & Cheryl Bye, Graham Anns and Rob & Jo Horn
    • An Introduction to Spiritual Warfare - with Joseph & Lillian Mwila and Rob & Helen Coleman
    • Pursuing His Presence - with Andy & Hazel Robinson, Graham & Sarah Pyman, Jo & Paul McCulloch and David & Rosie Fellingham

To read more about these subjects please visit: devotedevent.org/lifezones 

Afternoon Zones
There are plenty of smaller workshops and things happening across the site during the afternoons. You can pop into the Hub (see the information in the handbook and on site), or you can just chill. But just in case you wanted to meet people who are a similar age or have a similar vision to you, we’ve put on some focused zones that you can pop into.

StudentZone– led by Christ Frost - Friday, 2pm – 3pm, upstairs in the main venue

Calling all students 

If you’re at university or about to be, come and meet with fellow students, grab a drink, have some fun, find out where the Devoted student connection zone is and hear Chris Frost from Gateway church, Leeds give a 10 minute talk on ‘10 thoughts for thriving in your faith at University and beyond’.

Chris helps to lead Gateway Leeds and has worked full time there since 2008. He is married to Jo they have two kids.

Kaleidoscope – 2 afternoons led by Jez Chalmers - Saturday and Sunday, 2pm – 3pm upstairs in the main venue

This year at Devoted the Kaleidoscope team are exploring why creativity is crucial not just to how we, as ChristCentral, sharpen the church, but also how we shape 21st century culture.
We will be focusing specifically on how our creativity can be used FOR the church and how it can be a gift FROM the church.
If you are in any way interested in seeing God use our creativity to bring the colours of the gospel to contemporary life then please come along and say hello.

Jez Chalmers currently heads up Kaleidoscope, which is our network of creativity that stretches across ChristCentral. He lives in Stoke on Trent with his wife Bex and their three small children.


Family Encounter Zone will run 2-4pm, Saturday and Sunday.

Are you seeking God? Are you wanting to hear God in a new way? Do you want your children to know God is interested in them? The Family Encounter Zone is about providing a platform for this - and more - to happen! Our God is a God who wants to encourage us, to provoke us and to challenge us. This includes every adult, child, family and group. Whether you are young, older, a family or on your own, come and be amazed again at how intimately involved in our lives God wants to be.  Drop in any time to join in the fun!