Ruth Coleman
Learning to be children again

We’re roughly halfway through the trip and days just keep getting better and better. We’ve just about recovered from watching the England World Cup match on Wednesday (well, most of us), and are keeping close tabs on the napping scoreboard.

On Wednesday we were at the girls centre, helping make friendship bracelets with the girls at the orphanage. We’ve also been visiting community schools in the local compunds, getting a glimpse into the level of education here. Many young children have the potential & desire – we’ve had countless conversations with kids saying they want to be doctors, lawyers, scientists. But lack of finances and opportunity unfortunately holds them back. It’s so challenging to think about what we take for granted back home, and it further increases our compassion for these amazing children.

A big part of the last two days has been helping at the feeding programmes for street children. We’ve had the privilege of witnessing over 200 children being fed, where the bowl of porridge may be the only thing they eat that day, or even that week.


Matthew 18 v 4 says: ”whoever takes the lowly position of children is the greatest in the kingdom of heaven”.

These children on the surface, by worldly standards, are at the bottom of the ladder. They have very little or no material possessions, are starving, and may not have much hope for the future. Yet these children are precious and have value. These children are loved by God. These children know how to party & celebrate. These children know joy. They know true friendship. If we can be more like these children, we’d be better people.

Lesson two for the trip – learn to be like children.

Love Ruth and The Team x

For those who pray:

  • Big sports day on Saturday for the street children
  • Learning to be more childlike
  • To absorb and retain everything we are learning