Ruth Coleman
Developing an attitude of gratitude

It’s the penultimate day of Go Zambia 2018 and we’re celebrating everything that has happened with a trip to Nsobe Game Park. A lot has happened in the last few days so we thought we’d fill you in…

Yesterday we visited a rural area of Zambia near the Congo border, to see what traditional village life is like. We met an amazing group of people who live life so simply, living with no water or electricity, but making do with what nature provides. The girls of the team braved it and used the ‘squatty potty’, also known as a hole in the ground, much to the villagers amusement (I don’t know why, there was only a small amount of screaming and laughter).

We’ve also held a sports day in one of the poorer areas of Zambia for the compound children. We organised wheelbarrow races, sack races, skipping and the classic egg & spoon. The children absolutely loved it, and there was so much fun being had amongst the chaos.


That afternoon really touched our hearts, seeing the transition in these kids. Initially it was the shock of five young British people visiting, then changing to joy and laughter as they became more confident and relaxed as we built up friendship. It was the simple act of holding hands and valuing these kids, who are usually so easily overlooked in society. Once these kids knew they were loved, there was no going back. There was so much joy and laughter, and that’s something that’s been a common theme throughout the trip. Joy unspeakable. Joy despite circumstances. Joy in people rather than situations. Joy in God.

One thing that we’ve realised is that a key to joy is gratitude & thankfulness. Turning our attention from ourselves to things around us. Building thankfulness in our hearts develops a natural attitude of gratitude, releasing joy as an everyday day thing rather than one that can disappear so easily. Our challenge to ourselves and to you? Write a list of 100 things you are grateful for, adding five every day. Family, school, a house, health. It could be anything. Join us on our journey of becoming more filled with joy. We dare you.

Lesson three – gratitude is the right attitude.

Love Ruth and The Team x

For those who pray:

  • Safe travel back to the UK
  • To develop gratitude as a way of living
  • To build on everything learnt on this trip