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One adventure finishes, Many more begin...

Go Zambia 2018 trip is now over!

The team arrived back in the UK yesterday a mixture of tired & satisfied, but definitely knowing that they had met with God and impacted lives.  It was an amazing trip full of activity such as:

  • holding a sports day for the compound kids
  • visiting Churches
  • building friendships with girls & boys at the oprhanges
  • visiting a rural area and seeing traditional Zambian life
  • telling people on the streets about the the love of God
  • teaching the girls craft skills
  • helping at the feeding projects for street children
  • and much much more!


 It can be hard to summarise a trip like Go Zambia, one that is so busy and full of activity in a culture that is so opposite to one you are used to. We’ve made a few reflections to hopefully capture our experiences well…

Rachel: “One of my favourite moments was holding the sports day for the children living on the compounds. Seeing the joy on the children’s faces and making a difference in their lives was so special. I also enjoyed listening to each team members testimony – this really helped to get to know each other but also helped me take a step of courage in telling my own story, knowing that I wouldn’t be judged for it. God has taught me that I’ve come a long way in the past few years. Above all though, He has taught me that He is my Dad.”

Natalie: “I loved spending time with the children at the boys & girls orphanage centres. Whether that was playing sports or hide & seek, I loved getting to know them and building friendships. God revealed to me what I value most and what I am most passionate about. He has given me a greater understanding of His love for people, and a glimpse of His love for nations. He has stirred the passion for adventure inside of me.”

“I loved hanging out with the girls at the orphanage centre; dancing, doing hair, dodgeball, making bracelets. I loved seeing how joyful they were and how full of life the centre was. God taught me that I can do more than I think and has given me a new sense of confidence. He revealed to me that He has infinite patience, and is always there to listen. He is a great healer, and always there to turn to.”

Ben: “I loved playing football with the boys at the orphanage centre and using this to build great friendships with them. I also loved visiting the Church plant ‘Shalom’, witnessing the sense of the Holy Spirit, freedom and joy there – it was contagious. God taught me that He is forgiving and non-judgemental, that he is unlike people in that He won’t let me down and has complete patience.”

Joe: “My greatest surprise was going to places expecting to be a blessing, but actually being massively blessed myself. I loved going to Church and being completely filled and overwhelmed by the Holy Spirit. During the trip I learnt about my own giftings and felt confident to step out in faith more and take risks. I learnt that God is a good father, that He really does care for me and knows the best for me.”

And for me? I loved every second. Giving children the opportunity to be children. Seeing team members step out & take a risk in faith. Witnessing the passion and joy the Zambian Church had. Learning that God is faithful and always has more for me.

We have been unbelievably blessed these past two weeks and would like to thank everyone for their constant love, support and prayers. Zambia has taught us many lessons, but we’d like to end on this one: this is only really the beginning. As this adventure comes to and end, others await us. How do we know this? Because God is the same yesterday, today and forever. He is the same God in Zambia and the UK. His love is the same everywhere. And He wants the best for us. So the joy, the adventure, the friendship, the boldness, the life that we experienced out there? We’re now expecting it in our everyday lives.

So as Go Zambia 2018 officially ends, it’s effects have only really begun…

Lesson four – the adventure is just beginning. 

Love Ruth and the team x

This is the last blog post from the Go Zambia 2018 Team, but if you’d like to know any more then please contact: gozambia@christcentralchurches.org