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Reckless Love - Song

When I heard the news that the song 'Reckless Love' might be on the list of songs for Devoted, I thought I should probably blog about it. So here goes:

I love this song. I haven't always liked it all that much. I was a bit concerned about the phrase "Reckless Love" and what that might mean, and I have read lots of the articles written both in favour of, and questioning the use of the phrase "Reckless love". But, I have changed my mind. I love the song, love the way that it has opened my eyes to the way that God loves us, and I am often overwhelmed by God's love and compassion on us when I sing it, to the point of tears. I would like to share why this is with you.

With songs, there tends to be a tussle between the poetic and descriptive imagery (the creative side) and the doctrinal and theological side. It is important that we are singing songs full of truth, with good doctrine, but we need songs that are creative too. Do you remember the "controversy" over "How He loves us?" Should we be singing: "a sloppy wet kiss"? Is that appropriate, or should it be: "an unforeseen kiss"?

I had heard "Reckless Love" at home with our 2 year old. She loved it straight away, and to her, it is the "Ninety-nine" song (very confusing initially, when I thought she knew a song about ice cream, and I couldn't think of what it might be!). I wasn't so sure, but she loved singing it, so we spent a week of playing it most days, and although it was growing on me a little, I still wasn't really convinced. But, God started to speak to me, about the way that even in a vast crowd, He sees us, really sees us, as individuals. I knew the concept, but God was underlining something to me that He was obviously trying to teach me. I wasn't really getting what He was trying to tell me.

The following weekend, we were hosting the "Pursuing His Presence" conference, here in Derby. I was sitting and listening to Andy Robinson speak, when he suddenly stopped in the middle of what he was saying to bring a prophetic word. It was to someone who was sitting in the conference who was present as a last chance for God, and if something didn't change that day, then they were finished with everything. As He shared it, I felt God's overwhelming love, for that person, as an individual sat in a crowded room. God reached down, and undoubtedly did something in their life. I had glimpsed the God who left the "ninety-nine" in the pursuit of the "one". The compassionate, loving, father-heart of God. I sat, crying, at the way that God has pursued and demonstrated His love in that moment. I suddenly had a glimpse of what God had been speaking to me about, and a new understanding of the song.

I now sing the "overwhelming, never-ending, reckless love of God" with tears in my eyes, as God has given me a glimpse into what that means. His love does look like foolishness to those who do not know Him. But, if you still are finding the "reckless love of God" difficult to sing, perhaps consider this: the love of God is "unceasingly intense". It is everlasting, never ending, persistent, unfading, unfaltering, unwavering. Perhaps you could sing about the "relentless" love of God instead.

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