Megan Chalmers
ChristCentral Prayer Days

We recently had one of our regular ChristCentral Prayer Days which we normally have around two to three times a year. We met in Sheffield and spent the two days catching up on what is going on across ChristCentral as well as praying for a selection of the areas which God has given us responsibility for. There were also some amazing times of Spirit lead worship where God clearly came and spoke to us individually as well as corporately. It was a great opportunity to press into God for different parts of church life in specific areas, such as some of our UK church plants and one overseas in Sweden.

On the first day we spent time worshiping, where God lead us into some powerful times of encounter and we were able to share prophetic words and stir the room to step in to what God was doing, the worship was a great time to fix our eyes on God right from the start. This led us to step into a great time of faith filled prayer for revival in our home towns and cities.

A few of us shared some testimonies from the churches we represented and we shared some of the feedback and testimonies from Devoted, which helped us to pray with faith for our own churches. Later in the day, we spent some time to getting to grips with ChristCentral and the different UK based teams within Newfrontiers as Jeremy Simpkins explained to us all the different aspects of ChristCentral including the different apostolic teams within ChristCentral, the ChristCentral Partnership and those involved in it both in the UK and overseas in areas such as Africa and the Americas. We were able to hear from the team who are in the early stages of planning a church plant to Canada and we able to pray and share prophetic words with them.

In our final session of the day we heard a little more about some of our training programs such as The School of Leadership and Into the Word. We spoke a little more about Devoted and heard about the many areas that we need people to serve in to make the festival run as well as it does! We spent time finding out more about some of the church plants going on across the north of England and about 2020 Initiative. 2020 Initiative aims to plant 20 churches by the end of 2020 and we had the privilege of praying for just a few of these young church plants. We only had time to pray for 6 church plants this time, but aim for this to be a feature of our times of prayer together in the future!

This time we prayed for (find out more about these church plants here):

  • Blackpool
  • Chorley
  • Crewe
  • Preston
  • Wilmslow
  • Burton

It was great to bless these guys, praying and laying hands on the teams who were there in person and also praying and sending out prophetic words for those from church plants who couldn’t be with us this time. We also had a chance to hear an update from one of our overseas church plants in Gothenburg, Sweden (Gud Först Göteborg).

On our second day we had another great time of worship and sometime of personal prayer too. We were led by the spirit to pray for certain people in response to prophetic words coming through our time of worship which led to powerful times of prayer and breakthrough for a number of people. We certainly sensed some key themes throughout the meeting as people began to pray out and share prophetic words. We prayed for joy and freedom on the back of prophetic words that were shared.  After that we gathered in smaller groups and had time to pray together. We began to pray for The ChristCentral Leadership Weekend, which takes place on the 22nd-24th February 2019  and also for our younger leader’s conference, which aims to help us raise up younger leaders. We also prayed for the Pursuing His Presence Conference, which will take place in May 2019 . We also prayed for our partnership with Lee Yarbrough in Mexico and our plans for church planting in Cambodia. Jeremy gave a short update about the Newfrontiers Global Conference in Crete and shared some news from across our wider Newfrontiers family inspiring us to pray for the different areas that were mentioned, it was great to be kept up to date about all that God is doing across our increasingly diverse family of churches.

Overall, these Prayer Days were a great opportunity for us all to gather together and get a glimpse of the bigger picture and all that God is doing across the ChristCentral family. It was a great chance to build links with the leaders from other churches and press in together in prayer for breakthrough! It was fantastic to hear some amazing testimonies from local church life as well as from Devoted and use these to help us learn to pray with more faith!

These ChristCentral Prayer Days also helped us to get a more informed perspective on what goes on in Newfronteirs not just in the UK but worldwide as well. We are looking forward to gathering together again with our wider Newfronteirs family for our Newfrontiers Prayer Day, “a day of prayer for the UK” in London, in March 2019. (Book Now at prayerday.uk)