Megan Chalmers
Pursuing God's Presence | Vancouver

This Saturday Trinity Central Vancouver  are hosting a “Pursuing God’s Presence” conference alongside a team from Kings Church Horsham where will they spend time enjoying God’s Presence, worshiping and going deeper with Jesus.

The conference will include a morning session of worship together with Jos Wintermeyer and Dave Fellingham speaking. The afternoon then allows delegates to select workshop tracks, there are three to choose from that allow those attending to tailor the day to what they want to grow in:

New Testament Worship Track -
For anyone who wants to grow in participating in corporate worship and lead others in spirit-filled times of worship such as life groups or other settings

Nurturing and Growing your Prophetic Gift Track -
For anyone wanting to discover and nurture their prophetic gift and learn how to grow in faith and intimacy in hearing from God

Spiritual Freedom Track - 
For anyone wanting encouragement on how to live free and pray for freedom for others.

The schedule will be packed full of time of growing and developing your gifts and opportunities to go deeper into your relationship with God. There are opportunities for those who are in youth to spend focussed time with the youth teams and there is also time for those in business to meet together for breakfast to encourage one another too. During the day the focusses are described as ‘going deeper with jesus, stepping into freedom, growing as a prophetic people and growing as worshipers who praise in spirit and truth.

It is great to hear about what is going on all over the world within ChristCentral and to see churches partnering together to serve one another. We look forward to hearing all the testimonies and stories that God will do in the time you spend pursuing him. Keep these guys in your prayers this weekend, that each delegate might encounter God in a fresh way!

If you want to read more about Trinity Central’s vision for the ‘Pursuing God’s Presence’ conference click here.


Audio from the conference is available below and on our media page.