Megan Chalmers
Devoted 2018 Testimonies

From the 24th to the 27th of August 2018 we met together for an amazing, Spirit-led weekend full of powerful times of encounter, impactful times of worship and moments of revelation through the teaching given. We were very blessed to have guest speakers such as Andrew and Rachel Wilson (co-authors of the book “The Life You Never Expected”) (link) We had speakers and guests from all over the world such as Lee Yarbrough from Mexico who has planted multiple churches and trains leaders there. We also had Joseph Mwila, the leader of Newfrontiers Churches in Zambia, giving apostolic insight to over 50 churches. Devoted was a great chance to get a larger perspective of what God is doing not just in our local churches but across our Newfrontiers family!


During our time together, there were some wonderful times of prayer and ministry, we’ve been so encouraged to hear numerous testimonies shared during the weekend and since then as well. If you have a testimony from the weekend then please do visit: devotedevent.org/stories or email your story to: stories@christcentralchurches.org


In a couple weeks we will be sharing one specific testimony in more detail, but here are some of the highlights:


“I am 11 years old and this year I was in Going Bananas 8-11s. During our Sunday evening meeting, we asked the Holy Spirit to come and fill us. A few minutes later, I felt God's love and presence like electricity rushing through me. I was moving without trying and shaking uncontrollably. God was in charge of my body, and although I wasn't used to it, I wasn't scared. I was experiencing God's love and it was so strong I was in tears. Some of the leaders came and prayed for me. I had this wonderful, indescribable sensation for a very long time, and when I finally sat up, my friend told me I had been lying on the floor for 25 minutes. I had to be told this, as when I'm with God I lose track of time - it's like being in a different world, just me and God. In was the best experience I've ever had and I really hope that it will happen again. God is so great.” -Esther


“The first part of my life was full of joy, hope and fellowship with God. Then a series of difficulties and illnesses had left me with brain fry, difficulties doing more each week than bare essentials due to fatigue and wrong thought patterns. At Devoted, the power, presence and forgiveness of God has dramatically turned this around. I now enjoy peace, joy a clear mind and freedom!”- David


“More of a thankyou to the teams…

Our 14 year old foster daughter has been with us for 6 months and has been coming to church with us since she came. This weekend there has been a softening of her heart and some of the walls she has built around herself, as protection, have had their foundation shaken. The Amplify team have been amazing and gentle with her. Faith, Jesus, love and care are alien concepts to her and we are still ‘all weirdos’ to her but she is on a journey to becoming a weirdo with us too” - Penny


“In January this year I decided to make some changes to my spiritual life- read The Bible in a year, go to church prayer meetings etc. In May, two other ladies in Hope church said they have also felt God’s hand on them since January and since then the whole church had shifted up a gear. I counted ten ways in which I had changed in January. For example, I went off TV and preferred to listen to sermons. Our sister church in Shrewsbury- Barnabas, also have had a prophecy that January was a pivotal point for them and that the Lord is on His way and a picture of two motorcycle riders escorting royalty!”-Rachel


“I struggle with sin and not being convinced that I am forgiven. Spiritual Warfare talks have helped me immensely to realise this is the work of the enemy. I am forgiven, I am loved, I am saved, I am a child of God!”- Laura


We received so many amazing testimonies and stories from the weekend we spent together and we are so thankful for all that God did over this incredible weekend and all that he will continue to do!


Thank you so much if you shared your story with us, we are so encouraged by the stories we’ve received!