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Into the Word | Testimonies

Into the Word is a ten-week course that allows delegates to grasp The Bible in a new and fresh way, linking the whole story book by book, from Genesis to Revelation. On this course, you will consider different types of literature, look at the themes in each book and discuss the main theological themes running throughout helping understand the narrative of The Bible in a wider, more informed context. The course is presented by Martin Charlesworth on video and lead by a local facilitator. The course gives opportunity for you to discuss as a group as well as time for you to focus on the things that God touches on personally for you! This helps delegates to focus in and learn more about areas of The Bible that may seem challenging at first, and allow you to overcome obsticles we all face when reading The Bible.

During the course Into the Word students also look at key skills to help them get the most out of reading The Bible, identifying how the Bible fits together and how to understand the use of different books. Overall, Into the Word is designed to help you on the journey of not only reading your bible but getting to grips with it, and becoming equipped to use and read it through hands-on learning, presentations and discussions together.

Currently, there are two areas that facilitate this course (North-West Region and Yorkshire). However, looking to the future, ChristCentral hope to expand and so if you wish to become a church that facilitates this helpful course then please get in contact at: training@christcentralchurches.org


This year’s intake of Into the Word delegates have shared their thoughts about what they have experienced on this course:

“Into the Word has been great for making space in the diary to really do some in depth study of what the Bible is all about.  I've particularly found the OT sessions helpful for understanding the relevance of some of the more obscure books - those which it is hard to study alone (and which rarely get preached on).  I also thought it was really great value for the quality of the content.”

-  Esther Chandler


“This is a great study. It is easy enough for someone new to bible study, it explains the Bible systematically in a very easy to understand way.
Was interesting going through the many different backgrounds and belief systems, brings a better understanding of people, places and promises of the bible and given me a better appreciation for the word of God. We would strongly recommend this course to everyone.”

- Terry & Inese Pothin

“Into the Word Has helped me see the bigger picture of the bible and God's plan for us and for the world and has put events in context - historical and geographical details have made things come alive.

It's made me want to read the bible more

It’s made me realise how fortunate we are to have the bible in our own language and that it is so precious, powerful and totally relevant.

Meeting with a diverse group of Christians has been enriching

Martin's love and enthusiasm for the bible is infectious - go and get infected!”

- Ruth Giles


“Martin’s insight and knowledge of the Bible has been very interesting to hear and I have learnt a lot from the examples we have studied. As the course leader Rob has created a pleasant environment and it has been good to take the time to think about things and ask questions. I have really enjoyed meeting the other students each month too. I think it is great Martin has taken the time to study the Bible so thoroughly over the years and is sharing his accumulation of knowledge and experience with us.”

-Anne Lodmore

“We really enjoyed the course. Great to meet so many new people from all over the place. We learnt so much.
It was so useful, particularly regarding the Old Testament, learning about the history & timeline and consequences of the events and the order in which things happened and were written. It made it seem so more logical when you understood the history.  It was really great to get a better understanding from someone, i.e. Martin, who has clearly put a lot of time and devotion into bible study and is then willing to share his knowledge and understanding.  Also, it was helpful to get the little template for how to approach each study e.g. in terms of thinking about the context of each passage etc.
We wouldn’t think twice about recommending the course for the content and the benefits gained. “

-Andy & Gina Berry


“I really didn’t know what to expect going on this course. Could I cope with a day of study? Would I feel out of place? Would it be too difficult to understand would I feel inadequate? The truth is none of the above!!
It was truly a fantastic experience and a great learning tool which has taught me so much on how to read understand and get so much more from the word of God.
Martin Charlesworth has a gift of being able to deliver teaching in such a way that it is simple to understand yet fully informative and alive no matter if you have only just started to read the bible or you have been reading the bible since you were a child, a theologian or didn’t finish school let alone college this really is one size fits all. The students were engaging and this led to some great question and answers which were lead great by Rob Coleman and new friends were made. For me it breathed life back into the bible for me the word of God alive.”

-Jason Norris


“I have enjoyed every session of the Into the Word course. It has been really informative, clear and accessible. I have come away with a greater overall understanding of the whole Bible and its themes.
The best bit about it is that it has given me the tools I needed to study Scripture. I would recommend it to anyone who wants to be able to understand the Bible more.”

-Lisa Norcross

If you would like to find out more our training page: www.christcentralchurches.org/training