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Meet the Impacters | Rachael

IMPACT is a one-year full-time training, development and service programme designed to change your life and build the church. It is a great way to receive biblical training, discover and develop your gifts, grow in character, get involved church planting and serve God in the local church. Impact students are based in a local church and spend time often focussing on a specific project such as youth evangelism, the prophetic culture or students and volunteering in the church. Impacters also receive biblical training through one of our Into the Word (LINK) training bases, which is a great chance for them to grow in the biblical knowledge, whilst getting involved practically too. They also have several mission days throughout the year, which is a great chance to get involved with church community, whether that be on the streets or in a local church plant. Our students grow dramatically in relationship with God, and are already getting stuck in to church life.

During the next few weeks we will be sharing a little bit about each of our Impact students and what areas of church they are involved in…

Rachael Cheesman: 

Rachael is based at York City Church and her main responsibility is leading the student work.

So far she has helped welcome new and returning students into the church by setting up student lunches, representing the church at Christian Union events at the uni and going pumpkin picking! Rachael also connected with other student organisations and churches for inspiration and resources and am currently in the process of organising a student weekend away happening in December. Oh, and she’s also made flyers. Lots of flyers.

Punpkin Picking and York City Church

 “I initially didn’t want to stay in York after university and was impatient to go off and see the world. Then at the beginning of my third year of uni the leader of my church asked if I had considered doing Impact with them. The more I thought about the prospect of it, the more I found God changed my heart to become passionate about His mission in this city, so I decided to stay!

Impact student: Rachael

Within the classic set up of being born to parents who love Jesus and have always been keen for me to love Him too, is a story of God seeking me out as I am to be His own daughter. Life hasn’t always been easy; I’ve suffered with my mental health and identity crises and, like us all, the on-going magnetism towards things that aren’t God’s best for me. Yet through it all, I’ve been blessed to feel my heavenly Father’s presence so closely, teaching me about His grace through a Love that keeps going even when I’ve reached the end of myself. My relationship with Jesus is always in progression. Like human relationships it has its ups and downs; times when I’m motivated to spend a lot of time with Him and times where I’m not so good at that. Yet, unlike the relationships we share among us, He is always there when I call on His name. When I’m down, He shares in my sorrow and comforts me, when I’m joyful, He rejoices with me. I am learning to hear His voice more clearly and follow more boldly the paths He leads me down. Each day I fall more in love with Jesus and I am excited to get to know Him more during my Impact year.”

If you'd like to find out more about IMPACT or are interested in joining in 2019, click here.