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A community living out the gospel in Paris

CVV Paris was planted in 2008 out of a powerful prophetic word in which God laid on the heart of Gordon Neal to plant a church that would gather people to work for revival in Paris. That's the foundation on which we've been building ever since.

God promised to provide every one of our needs - finances, material resources, leaders, etc. He has been so faithful to us.

Today we meet right in the centre of Paris (just behind Musée d'Orsay, for those of you familiar with Paris). We gather on Sunday evenings at six o'clock, and we're seeing real growth, in particular since last May.

We feel like we're in a real season of blessing. We now have a team of three elders, and we've recently appointed six men and women to be deacons. We're making steps to raise up a whole army of leaders among us, and we're amazed at the favour of God among us.

This is most notable through the way that we have a real sense of God's presence among us, bringing people into new release in worship and testimony, breaking down legalism, and generating a passion for God. We have seen this most clearly in the people who have joined us recently. It's just a joy to see and to lead.

There are obviously many challenges up ahead. We're looking to build a significant community of people in the third most influential city in the world, where there are over 10,000,000 people to reach. We have people from all over the Paris region, which is both an opportunity and a tremendous challenge. Local church here requires new definition, fresh vision and lots of creativity.

Secularist thought has a huge influence in Paris, and although the anti-religious sentiment seems to be on the wane in many ways in France and in Paris, we are faced with many people who just have no notion of what the gospel is and who have never met anybody who's told them that they truly believe in a God who not only exists and made all things, but who really died, really rose again and really does want to be involved in their lives.

We're really encouraged on the whole though, as many people, young and old, are gradually being shaped into a community that lives out the gospel through treasuring His manifest presence in our lives, through discovering His great grace and the freedom that flows from it, and through learning to enter into significant, authentic relationships with one another.

Written by
Nathan Lambert
Nathan is an elder at CVV Paris. He's married to Beki and has three great kids. He has an inordinate love for most cheeses, funk music and Arsenal football club (bien sur!)

Editor's Note: 
This article was written for the New Ground website before the recent attacks in Paris. Please continue to pray for Paris and for CVV. You can read updates from CVV by following them on Twitter (@CVVParis) or visiting their website (cvvparis.fr).

Image: Paris by Miroslav Petrasko