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Meet the Impacters | Helen

IMPACT is a one-year full-time training, development and service programme designed to change your life and build the church. It is a great way to receive biblical training, discover and develop your gifts, grow in character, get involved church planting and serve God in the local church. Impact students are based in a local church and spend time often focussing on a specific project such as youth evangelism, the prophetic culture or students and volunteering in the church. Impacters also receive biblical training through one of our Into the Word (LINK) training bases, which is a great chance for them to grow in the biblical knowledge, whilst getting involved practically too. They also have several mission days throughout the year, which is a great chance to get involved with church community, whether that be on the streets or in a local church plant. Our students grow dramatically in relationship with God, and are already getting stuck in to church life.

During the next few weeks we will be sharing a little bit about each of our Impact students and what areas of church they are involved in…

Helen Goddard: 

Helen is based at City Valley Church in Shipley, Bradford and is part of many projects this year. The main ones are; the CAP Job Club, which helps unemployed people find work. Impact Youth Group, held monthly and allows young youth to meet up, read the Bible together and play some games. Alpha Course where Helen is one the helpers for this which is really exciting to be a part of. Helen also helps with general admin when required and am here to serve the church with whatever is needed. 

Helen is trained as a CAP Job Club Coach and started my first proper Job Club session recently and has already been a part of Alpha and the Impact Youth Group. One of her projects is building community in the church and discipleship which has yet to start, but is already thinking up new ideas for the church family.

Helen felt God call her to the church ministry almost five years ago. But knew that she wanted to mature more in her faith before beginning. In the last 8 months opportunities such as moving teams at work and growing substantially in faith has enabled me to be ready for this year. She knows that God has given her a heart to serve His people and grow His kingdom as well.

Impact student: Helen

“I grew up in a Christian family, however at age 18 due to circumstances in my life I drifted heavily from my faith, going against everything God wanted and felt lonely and down. Two years later, I invited God back into my life and started to live it for Him, not for myself. Over the last 5 years my faith has been grown and challenged. I've handled challenging job opportunities, managed to live abroad knowing I was held God's hands. He took me from a place of heartbreak to a place of peace and hope, and for that I am extremely grateful and plan to carry on living this life for Him.”


If you'd like to find out more about IMPACT or are interested in joining in 2019, click here.