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Meet the Impacters | Richard

IMPACT is a one-year full-time training, development and service programme designed to change your life and build the church. It is a great way to receive biblical training, discover and develop your gifts, grow in character, get involved church planting and serve God in the local church. Impact students are based in a local church and spend time often focussing on a specific project such as youth evangelism, the prophetic culture or students and volunteering in the church. Impacters also receive biblical training through one of our Into the Word (LINK) training bases, which is a great chance for them to grow in the biblical knowledge, whilst getting involved practically too. They also have several mission days throughout the year, which is a great chance to get involved with church community, whether that be on the streets or in a local church plant. Our students grow dramatically in relationship with God, and are already getting stuck in to church life.


During the next few weeks we will be sharing a little bit about each of our Impact students and what areas of church they are involved in…

Richard Devis: 

Richard is based at Gateway Church Leeds. His  project is primarily video editing for the church with occasional filming in services and for other aspects of the church.

So far, Richard has produced video interviews for the term of welcome that our church is currently in, a video for introduction to Jesus Christ and the bible course, special offering video and loads more.

Richard was called to do this year through a simple conversation. One day, whilst he was working in ASDA, a friend and pastor of Gateway Church in Leeds. Chris Frost send him a text. Chris had asked him if perhaps he was interested in volunteering and working for the local church in the area of video recording and editing. This was something Richard felt that he was interested in! I prayed about it and spent some time asking God about his call, and felt in his spirit that it was right.

Impact student: Richard

“The Lord has definitely broken me out of a cage of severe anxiety and illness.  Through this freedom and his work in me I am seeing him grow me daily! I am excited to see how God will use me this year and I am already learning a lot about how the church work environment works, and also a lot about God.”

If you'd like to find out more about IMPACT or are interested in joining in 2019, click here.