Jubilee+ Annual Review

Jubilee + aims to serve churches and Christians in the UK by providing training and resources for those with a heart for the poor. They have done research and write about the levels of poverty in the UK and they reach out to those struggling with poverty. They work to create communities that thrive and help to bring people out of poverty.


Here is a little more information…


Jubilee + have created an Annual Review summerising the events of the past year or so for those interested! And their 2018/19 Annual Review is out now. You can view or download it from this link.

In the review this year you will find: 

- An encouraging introduction from Martin Charlesworth
- Some highlights from the last year across the different areas of their work
- News of two forthcoming publications
- An introduction to the newest member of their core team, and to three members of the wider team
- Ideas on how you can get involved with their work
- The date and location of next year's 'Churches that Change Communities' conference.

Check it out and if you would like hard copies for yourself or your church, please contact