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Meet the Impacters | Kezia

IMPACT is a one-year full-time training, development and service programme designed to change your life and build the church. It is a great way to receive biblical training, discover and develop your gifts, grow in character, get involved church planting and serve God in the local church. Impact students are based in a local church and spend time often focussing on a specific project such as youth evangelism, the prophetic culture or students and volunteering in the church. Impacters also receive biblical training through one of our Into the Word (LINK) training bases, which is a great chance for them to grow in the biblical knowledge, whilst getting involved practically too. They also have several mission days throughout the year, which is a great chance to get involved with church community, whether that be on the streets or in a local church plant. Our students grow dramatically in relationship with God, and are already getting stuck in to church life.


During the next few weeks we will be sharing a little bit about each of our Impact students and what areas of church they are involved in…

Kezia is based the Wirral which is not far from Liverpool. Her project is based in Jubilee Church Wirral. Kezia’s project is entitled ‘Youth Evangelism’. This project helps to reach out to young people through events that might appeal to them. Kezia has been actively organising these sorts of events that not only help the young people in the church but also help to encourage them to invite their friends along.

This includes organising events such as an open Mic night and Youth Alpha. Currently, Kezia has the responsibility of also organising a weekly Friday night youth group at her church which encourages young people to build community and make friends whilst they take part in fun activities together! Kezia looks forward to seeing all that God will continue to do as she encourages a new generation and brings in the lost to the community!

“I have been in Jubilee Church Wirral for a while and I have grown a lot since being there. When I was faced with the opportunity for taking a gap year, I knew I wanted to spend a year serving God. I was in church one Sunday and I felt God speaking to me. I felt him lead me to the back of the room and he highlighted the ‘IMPACT’ leaflet to me. This idea excited me as the prospect of serving God for a year was one I knew I wanted to take part in. God then lead me to have a couple of discussions with the leadership team, when the idea became even more real!

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