Church Planting Newsletter
Church Planting Newsletter | Issue 1

This is the first issue of our Church Planting Newsletter that we hope becomes a regular occurrence on our ChristCentral News Page. This issue discusses 2020 iInitiative, Church Planting Training, how to get involved and A first hand Church Planting experience from Halifax.

At Devoted there was an opportunity to be reminded of the ChristCentral vision for planting churches through the “2020 Initiative” and to catch up on progress with the existing church plants. In this special edition of the ChristCentral newsletter, we provide summaries and links that will bring you fully up to date with our church planting adventures and with what God is doing across our family.

Latest church plant news

During the summer we have used the latest news from each of our ChristCentral church plants to bring the 2020 initiative web pages up to date. In particular, the Locations section now contains details for each church plant providing an indication of what stage they have reached.

Church planting training

The Church Planting Academy is launching an eCourse that is designed to be accessible via a good internet connection. The structure of the course is ideal for those that want to learn more about being involved in church plants. There will be teaching from a variety of people, including Jeremy Simpkins, Graham Pyman and Rob Horn. Topics such as leadership, evangelism and growing community will also feature. This teaching is also contextualized through case studies of church plants with individual hubs that are connecting in with a view to share their experiences. To learn more, visit our web page or contact

Church planting conference

Booking is now open for our one-day church planting conference that will take place in Huddersfield on Saturday 27 April 2019. Jeremy Simpkins will provide the keynote address and there will be seminars with church planting practitioners as well as time for prayer and prophecy. This event will be of help to church leaders wanting to understand the ChristCentral vision for church planting and the differing ways that their church might be involved as well as for those who believe God might be calling them personally. Tickets are just £15 including refreshments and lunch. For latest details and to book your place visit - conference.

Church planting experience

At Devoted Matt and Sharon Cameron were interviewed about their experience of planting a church in Halifax. Just before Devoted they gave us this update on their story –

“It's inevitable really, be it a friend we've not seen for ages or a room full of Church leaders making small talk... ‘So, how's the Church Plant going?’ It's a difficult question to answer quickly, and honestly. Being involved in planting a church is joyous and challenging, exhilarating and heart-breaking; it's frontline Kingdom advance in a spiritual battle, and it's tough; I'm not going to sugar coat it! So my response is as tried as it is smug, ‘Well, what's your measure of success?'

“You see, it is going well, but of course there are frustrations too. Folk much wiser and more experienced than me describe 'stages' of church planting. There's always a 'conception' where God gives a vision - He speaks, (and that is crucial!). Then there's the 'planting', putting a seed in if you like. 'Establishing', where roots go down and foundations are laid, and then in time, new growth starts to appear with fruit and life not far behind.

“In Halifax, by God's grace, we have been through most of these stages over the last 5 years. God clearly spoke prophetically to a number of people, a life group was planted that prayerfully sought God, leaders were put in place that nurtured and watered what God was doing and shoots began to appear. And that's amazing! The Ark Halifax is now moving from being a church plant to being an established Church and, more than ever, Christ Central, we need your continued support and prayer.
“Because we want to see more fruit, we want to see disciples grow, yes, but we really REALLY want to see new disciples made. We also want to have a significant kingdom impact on the whole Calder Valley and God has put big dreams and visions in our hearts as a church community - dreams only he can achieve.
“So back to my smug retort ‘What's your measure of success?’ Someone once responded with a glorious counter that quite frankly floored me... ‘Does it reflect what God has put on your heart?’ I thought for a moment, humbled… ‘I think it does’.

“There is a new community in Halifax, passionate about following and worshipping Jesus and passionate about his Kingdom coming in the Calder Valley. It's young, it's growing, it's His and He's building it - slowly but surely. And that's something to be very encouraged about.

“Maybe you'd like to get involved - follow us on Facebook: /thearkchurchhalifax or email: