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Businesses and Church Planting

Recently, a two part blog was posted on Nigel Ring’s website entitled ‘Businesses and Church Planting’, written by Charles Glass. We thought we would give a quick summary of the blog posts here.

Nigel Ring was the full time administrator to Terry Virgo and the Newfrontiers apostolic team. He is passionate about serving those who are poor or in need and helps churches to develop ‘best practice’ ministries using a tool he has developed, The Ministry Health Check .

The guest writer of these blog posts, Charles Glass, is a director of the Newfrontiers International Trust, one of the Directors of the ChristCentral Churches Trust and part of the leadership team of Trinity Church, London. For a number of years he has worked with churches and church leaders in Turkey and Africa to support business initiatives that help plant and build churches.

The first blog details some information about Seed Fund, which exists to alleviate physical, social, emotional and spiritual poverty through supporting the creation of sustainable businesses in the context of church planting.

The concept of Seedfund is to create a financial resource that is able to provide initial investment to a business start up in the developing world. The aim of this business would be to help resource church planting initiatives in countries where people in congregations would be on a low income and therefore find it difficult to support the work of a church plant. The business therefore becomes a way of sustaining the church and providing employment within the church. Seedfund is just one example of how we can pool resources as we seek to fund church planting initiatives in the developing world.

Some examples of the business activities which Seed Fund Supports include:

  • A family chicken-rearing businesses and a tailoring business in a fledgling church plant in Laos, to supporting 7 different projects in Armenia.
  • A photography business and a fruit and vegetable store that both generate income and also promote church activities.
  • Working in a major Middle Eastern city supporting our growing churches there through businesses as varied as a bakery, hairdressing salon and taxi service.

For more details on the work of Seedfund, check out the Blog or their website

The second blog  is entitled Character, planning and Cultural Sensitivity  and unpacks the practical steps and considerations in setting up a successful business. Here’s a quick summary-

Getting it right from the start: “There are the important questions as to whether the business is viable, whether the individual is right to start that sort of business and what support would help make it a success”

Character: “Are they teachable, determined and prepared to work hard...there needs to be a confirmation that they have the skills and knowledge to make the business work.”

Planning: “It looks at ‘risks’ as well as ‘opportunities’, and is normally validated by a church leader who is also involved in business in the country concerned”

Cultural Sensitivity: “We have learnt not to simply promote Western business practices or assumptions. For instance in many ex-Communist countries, where there has been a lot of central state control, people are unused to taking initiative and often need much more directive input than we had expected.”

To read in more detail about these key, practical steps, check out the full blog linked here

The third Blog post is intitled:Training and Mentoring”  and unpacks some how it is important to raise up leaders within business.


Training and Mentoring:


“Many in the contexts in which we are working have little business experience. For them, particularly, Training and Mentoring are vital. But we have yet to find someone for whom it is not needed at all! So we have a number of the team members who have been involved in training initiatives, ranging from large groups to coaching individuals.”


The blog also gives different examples in where this has worked:


  • Ukraine: Charles has been coaching a young church leader in Eastern Ukraine who has had to relocate with his family to a new city because of the war. He and his wife have set up a chocolate and coffee shop, which supports them as a family and enables him to work part time in the church.”
  • Zambia: “Seedfund worked with Joseph Mwila who leads the New Dawn sphere of churches in Zambia, starting in 2015 with the inaugural Young Zambian of the Year  competition which attracted 350 entries and mentored 9 young Zambian finalists in their first year of starting businesses.

    Now in its fourth year, the Zambia business conference brings together leaders of business, government and churches to raise up young leaders who will start businesses’ and lead communities.”

Check out the full Blog here:

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