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Social Enterprise - Feature

We're looking to start a series of articles which show the sorts of social enterprise / social enagement / social action projects / initiatives which are going on across ChristCentral and Newfrontiers. This could be full time church led projects or connected companies / initiatives or charities. 

If you run a project or are involved with a project that is serving your community we'd love to hear from you! We've put together the questions below to help start a conversation about how churches and Christians can get involved in their communities. We know there are loads of different projects out there! 

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To download a copy of the questions click here

Interview Questions


To raise awareness of your social enterprise / project, the reason behind it and why faith matters in this area.  Walk me through why this initiative was established, how the vision was established and why this specific area was chosen as a way to serve your community. Tell me how it works day to day…


What’s the most influential book you’ve read (in addition to the Bible)?

What is your vision?

Why do you feel this is something which Christians / the church should be involved with?

Was there a moment you knew you should set up this project, if so when?

If there wasn’t a specific moment, what was the process you went through to realise this was something you should do?

If you didn’t set up the initiative please try to answer these questions based on the original intent of those who did.


How many people are volunteers / employees?

How vital are volunteers to what you do?

Do you plan to employ people in the future?

Do people you’ve helped work or volunteer with you?

Do you have a big team behind the scenes? How many?

How do you raise money or support the vision you have?

How are you supported by your local church? Is it direct or indirect?

Do you have your own facilities or do you share them with another charity or church community?

How does what you do, fulfil your vision / support those you want to or seek justice?

Have you received any grants to help support your work?

How can people get involved and help support you?

Is there a way people can give money or time to support you? 


What have been your unexpected hurdles and how did you overcome them?

How did you keep going during those times of struggle?

Is there a story which kept you going?

What did those experiences teach you?

Evangelistic / Social Good

Are you able to share your faith when you share about this project or enterprise? How do you do that?

Is this project seen more as an evangelistic ‘tool’ or as a way of being Jesus’ to the people you are serving?


Looking back at where you started this journey, where did you think you’d end up? Is it the same as where you are, if not how are things different?

What’s your vision for the future, how do you want to grow?

What advice would you give to inspire others setting up a social enterprise?

Do you have a vision to set up in other towns / cities?


How do you like to relax on your days off?