Simon Petit
Remember The Poor

Newfrontiers owes much to those who have gone before us and prepared a way for us to walk in and one of those people was Simon Pettit. At the Newfrontiers international leaders conference in Brighton in 1998 he very humbly presented to the conference an impassioned preach based on Galatians 2:10 for the church to Remember the Poor. This was truly a movement changing word and many who weren’t there to hear him speak are now involved in work which is the ongoing legacy of this message as it birthed something of God’s heart for the poor into our movement.

This sermon re-focussed our outreach, generated further conferences, think-tanks (Act 2000) and a huge number of local church initiatives across the world. It brought together the work of social action ministries and embedded them as apostolic and evangelistic priorities.

Simon wasn’t preaching into a void, he served amongst churches across the continent of Africa from his own church base in Cape Town for over 15 years before his death in 2005. From years of serving in nations where the contrast between rich and poor could not be more pronounced he found that the church could not simply preach a message of hope without directly serving those who were poor.

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