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ChristCentral Prayer Day - May 2019

We just returned from a fabulous day of prayer together as leaders and staff from across our ChristCentral churches in the UK. There was a wonderful sense of the presence of God amongst us as we gathered together. The room was packed full of people glorifying God together. We felt prophetically God speaking to us about a re-focus on what is the heart of our worship, upon Jesus a reminder that we are to be as we are called “Christ Central”. There was a real sense that God had called us together for a ‘holy moment’ with Him that we were standing on holy ground. It was as though our King, our Captain wanted to re-capture our hearts again for His glory and upon His majesty.

As we were stirred by this to call on God afresh for revival and for miraculous signs and wonders amongst us we were encouraged by many testimonies of God working in healing power amongst us. On the back of this we prayed for those amongst us who were struggling with health issues. This was again a precious time where God was working in lives and bringing release.

In our final session we were encouraged to pray for a number of nations which we are now working together in. Our focus this time was upon the middle east, Mexico, Scandinavia, Cambodia and Canada. It was so encouraging to hear that this is only a fraction of the places where God has called us to serve churches and work together to see His kingdom established. 

A song which helps to sum up some of the atmosphere amongst us during the day is on Lou Fellingham’s new album “Made for You” – we’d encourage you to get hold of this album! 

Worthy is the Saviour

The author of ages
Lord of life
Eternally reigning
Sovereign over time

Your eyes burning wilder 
Than a thousand raging fires
Forever ablaze
With passion for Your bride

Holy! Holy!
God Almighty
Lord of all
We bow before Your throne

Your love has no boundary
There's no end
The scale of Your beauty
I can't comprehend

Your purity brighter than
A thousand burning stars
Fully displayed as I behold Your scars 

Worthy is the Saviour
Worthy is the Son
To receive the highest honour
For the vict'ry He has won

The angels all adore You
Creation joins the song
Giving praise
To the resurrected one 

We bow before Your throne


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