LifeZone Feature No.2

Kingdom of God in everyday life

This LifeZone will explore what it is to be true disciples, influencing and transforming culture, and advancing the kingdom of God.

Where has God sent you? And what mission is He asking you to pursue in that place? Many of us have already been sent without even realising it. We are sent into our workplaces, we are sent into our neighbours’ homes, we are sent into schools and universities, we are sent as volunteers serving in the local community – we are sent into our culture. Do you have a vision for transforming your context? What would you need to do to make it happen?

  • Kingdom of God in Life - discipleship in the whole of life
  • Kingdom of God at Home - adoption, fostering and respite care
  • Kingdom of God at Work - influencing culture

Neil Hudson

Neil Hudson is the director of church relationships at the London Institute of Contemporary Christianity leading a team of church consultants and overseeing LICC work with UK and international churches. He has written a number of books including Imagine Church and his new book Scattered & Gathered: Equipping Disciples for the Frontline. He also co-leads a church in Salford.

Nikki Marfleet

Nikki Marfleet was raised as a child of missionary parents in the jungles of West Papua. Returning to the UK after secondary school, she became a volunteer worship leader in her local prison, and went on to join the prison service where she has now worked for nearly 20 years. She is currently Governor at HMP Woodhill (a high security prison) leading a team of around 800 staff and agency workers. Nikki has a Masters in Criminology and Management, and her research into knife crime was published as a book and referenced in the House of Commons. Nikki sits on the Council of Reference of Onelife and is a trustee of Charis Tiwala.

Graham Anns

Graham Anns works for ChristCentral Churches as a member of the apostolic team, serving churches, overseeing training, and responsible for governance, finance & administration. He previously had senior management roles in international software companies.

Graham Pyman

Graham is married to Sarah and leads the team at Jubilee Church Derby. They have 4 school-age children and are also foster carers for their local authority. Graham also serves on the ChristCentral team and is part of the ChristCentral Partnership.

Jon Stockley

Jon Stockley is Project Lead: North West and Yorkshire for Home for Good. Home for Good is a charity dedicated to finding a home for every child who needs one by co-ordinating and resourcing a rapidly growing network of people, churches and local movements across the UK who are raising awareness of the needs of vulnerable children and young people, inspiring individuals to explore fostering and adoption and equipping churches to understand and support.

 A LifeZone exploring what it is to be true disciples, influencing and transforming culture, and advancing the kingdom of God. What does this look like in everyday life? 

Graham Anns Christ Central, Manchester
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