LifeZone Feature No.3

Learning to read the Bible well

This LifeZone will help you to stop and listen carefully to what God says in His word. Each session will discuss tools which will help you to read the Bible well!

 Eugene Peterson thought that reading the Bible was an act of love. He thought that if we love the one who speaks the words, then we’ll want to get the words right.

Alan Rose York City Church

Reading the Bible well means - among other things - respecting the words enough to use every means we have to get the words right; it means loving God enough to stop and listen carefully to what He says.

This process involves asking good questions about the text we are reading – questions about its genre, its setting, its place within the Bible as a whole etc- and also questions about ourselves- what assumptions are we bringing to this text? or how does our church experience colour the way we understand this text?

Just like everything else in the Christian life, there are different levels of complexity involved in reading the Bible. So, whether you are someone who loves reading the Bible, or someone who feels intimidated by the Bible; whether you are reading the Bible to prepare a sermon, write an essay, or just to listen worshipfully to God’s voice, the aim of my three morning sessions is to help and encourage you to read and interpret the Bible with more confidence.

Each session will involve a discussion of the kind of “tools” that can help us become better readers of the Bible, along with some serious reading and thinking about specific texts from the Bible itself. Bring your bible and a load of questions and let’s get stuck in together!

Alan Rose

As well as leading York City Church, Alan teaches a number of modules on ChristCentral School of Leadership and is about to embark on a two-year MA in Theology and Religion at Durham University. Alan is married to Susanna and they have a young son called Zachary, and a Cockapoo puppy called Mustard.

 Come and join me as we discuss tools which will help you become a better reader of the Bible!

Alan Rose York City Church
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