LifeZone Feature No.4

An Introduction to Spiritual Warfare

This LifeZone will include teaching and personal testimonies in order to better understand and engage with the spiritual warfare that every Christian and every Church faces.

Included in this is the subject of strongholds: what they are and how they can be ‘demolished’.

Leading on from this we will explore how individuals and Churches can grow in freedom and in their effectiveness as they seek to extend the Kingdom. Each session will include a brief time for prayer ministry.

Subjects will include:

  • Setting Captives Free
  • Walking In Authority
  • Spiritual Warfare as it affects Churches and Leaders

David Devenish

David is based in Bedford, UK and is an elder at Woodside Church. He is married to Scilla; they have four children and currently 6 grandchildren. For most of the recent past, David has been working primarily in the Russian-speaking world and overseeing the planting of churches in the part of the world known as the 10/40 window. More recently he took on the leadership of Catalyst and served within the UK and also amongst the many churches that the Catalyst team serve in other nations. Currently that team is serving churches in around 50 nations. In June 2017 David passed on the leadership of Catalyst to Simon Holley, whilst remaining part of the Catalyst leadership team. David's excellent book "Demolishing Strongholds" was recently re-released. Read more here.

Joseph and Lillian Mwila

Joseph leads the New Dawn Apostolic Team, serving churches in Zambia and other African nations. He is based in Kitwe with his wife Lillian and their four children. Lillian pastors among their churches and leads the Streetlife Orphans Project. She also holds regular Deliverance meetings.

Ginny Burgin

Ginny, married to Stuart, is based at City Church Sheffield and has travelled widely both in the UK and abroad with her prophetic, teaching and pastoral gift. She speaks from her own personal experience of the spiritual battle.

Rob and Helen Coleman

Rob is the Lead Elder at Grace Church, Bolton. He and his wife Helen will be teaching and giving testimony out of personal experiences from within their own family and Church over the last few years.

 Looking at the whole area of Spiritual Warfare including times of ministry and prayer 

Joseph Mwila Dayspring Church, Kitwe

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