LifeZone Feature No.5

Pursuing His Presence

This LifeZone will inspire you in your relationship with God and equip you to grow in the gifts of the Holy Spirit.

Whether you are new to baptism in the Spirit and gifts of the Holy Spirit, or whether you have been using them for years, this will be a dynamic and faith filled time to grow you and move you on. The gifts of the Holy Spirit are for life, not just Sundays. Join us to find out more!

This year, we have renamed our “Life in the Spirit” LifeZone, "Pursuing His Presence", as it links in with the  conference and academy of the same name. We will be looking at what it means to be led by the Spirit; what hinders the Spirit’s work in our lives and finally a practical session on growing in hearing from God and stepping out in faith.

Andy & Hazel Robinson

Andy & Hazel have two sons and live in Horsham. Andy is lead pastor of Lifespring and leads several teams in the church as part of this role. Hazel is a pharmacist in a local mental health trust and serves alongside Andy in the church. Andy is also part of the ChristCentral Partnership.

Graham & Sarah Pyman

Graham & Sarah are based in Derby, where Graham leads the team at Jubilee Church Derby. They have 4 school-age children and are also foster carers for their local authority. Graham also serves on the ChristCentral European Apostolic team and is part of the ChristCentral Partnership. Sarah leads Smile, a respite facility for children with additional needs.

Jo & Paul McCulloch

Jo and her husband Paul are members of Lifespring in Horsham. Jo serves on the Leadership Team as a deacon and has particular responsibility for the growth and development of the prophetic. Paul and Jo enjoy travel and reading. They have two grown up children.

David & Rosie Fellingham

Dave is responsible for organising various evangelistic events at Lifespring and is also involved with Alpha, teaching on Sundays and as one of the tutors for their Worship Academy. Dave is a well known musician, song writer and worship leader. He has a broad spectrum of musical interest, and has encouraged orchestral music in worship, as well as playing a mean jazz trumpet himself! He has also tutored and encouraged many young musicians, and has been involved in many worship conferences around the world. Music is not his only ministry. Dave is also a gifted and prophetic preacher and teacher. His international ministry focuses on Canada among the many countries he visits. He is married to Rosie and they have two sons Nathan and Luke who were both part of the Christian band Phatfish. Dave is a Newfrontiers 'founding father', he was part of the Eldership team alongside Terry Virgo at CCK (now Emmanuel Church Brighton) for over 25 years and has a wealth of leadership and ministry experience. We are so grateful that David & Rosie are able to be with us at our conference this year! 

 We believe life in the spirit is exactly that, the whole of life lived every day, in every way, in the Spirit. 

Andy Robinson Lifespring in Horsham

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