AfternoonZone - Worship


An afternoon gathering for worshippers, worship teams and worship leaders with Rhys Scott and guests...

Speakers include: David Fellingham, Rhys Scott, Jos Wintermeyer, Nathan and Lou Fellingham, and Ashley Vaughan.


  • Friday - Worship in truth - Nathan & Lou Fellingham
  • Saturday - Worship in Spirit - Dave Fellingham & Jos Wintermeyer
  • Sunday - The Worshipping Community - Rhys Scott & Ashley Vaughan


God wants to encounter us. He desires much more for us than we often tend to think He does, both as individuals and as churches. But how do we step into what He has for us? How do we learn to respond to God and what He's doing?

The Father is looking for worshippers - that means He's seeking you and me. Speficially, He's looking for worshippers who worship in Spirit and in truth. Over three afternoons we're going to roll up our sleeves and explore our freedom in worship, and what a Spirit-empowered people might look like. We'll talk about encountering God, but we'll also take steps to grow in our engagement with Him.

Who is this AfternoonZone for? It's for anyone who'd like to step into a deeper engagement and a greater freedom. It's for elders who want to help their churches grow in worship, and for worship leaders and teams looking to develop their skills in leading the church into encounter with God.

Rhys Scott

Rhys moved to Vancouver along with his wife Sara and their children, Eden and Taylor, to plant Trinity Central in 2011, having previously been involved in planting a church in London, U.K. Rhys loves enjoying God in worship, has led and overseen worship and worship teams at a number of churches through the years, and has written multiple worship songs. Originally from South Africa, Rhys now leads the Trinity Central eldership team and is committed to seeing the church thrive as an "army of worshippers". He and Sara love people, the outdoors, and enjoy playing and writing music.

David Fellingham

Dave is a Newfrontiers 'founding father', having been a part of the Eldership team alongside Terry Virgo at CCK (now Emmanuel Church Brighton) for over 25 years and has a wealth of leadership and ministry experience. He has a broad spectrum of musical interest, and has encouraged orchestral music in worship, as well as playing a mean jazz trumpet himself! He has also tutored and encouraged many young musicians, and has been involved in many worship conferences around the world. Music is not his only ministry. Dave is also a gifted and prophetic preacher and teacher. His international ministry focuses on Canada among the many countries he visits. Dave is a well known musician, song writer and worship leader. He is married to Rosie and they have two sons Nathan and Luke who were both part of the Christian band Phatfish.

Lou Fellingham

Nathan and Lou were founding members of of Phatfish, and travelled with the band for almost two decades - during which time they recorded eight albums, toured extensively throughout the UK, Canada and America and became an integral part of the worship team at the Stoneleigh Bible weeks. Lou’s distinctive voice and heart for people have made her a greatly loved worship leader, singer and recording artist. Lou has also made several appearances on the BBC's 'Songs of Praise'. Lou & Nathan are currently working on a new album which is scheduled for release in 2019.

Ashley Vaughan

Ashley is from Vancouver, Canada. She leads the worship team at Trinity Central Church with her husband Jarrett. Ashley is passionate about the local church encountering Jesus, and seeing the younger generation grow in hearing God’s voice. Ashley is also involved with Worship Central Canada but spends most of her time chasing her 3 young kids around, named Venture, Sailor and Wilder.

Jos Wintermeyer

Jos leads the SERVE core team at  Lifespring, Horsham, he is also part of the Eldership team. Jos is married to Jen and they have three children. He was part of the band Phatfish and has played with Worship Leaders such as Stuart Townend and Matt Redman amongst others. He is now a session guitarist for Lou Fellingham. Before joining Phatfish Jos worked as a professional sound engineer and also has a degree in Music Production. He is passionate for excellence in both musicianship and production whilst pursuing the presence of God. Jos & Jen lead the Lifespring creative team which looks after everything from worship, band training, song writing, to all things technical.

 Missions is not the ultimate goal of the church. Worship is. Missions exists because worship doesn't. 

John Piper Desiring God
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