AfternoonZone - Serving The Poor

Serving The Poor

An afternoon gathering for those interested or involved in serving the poor.

  • Saturday - Foundations for Farming
  • Sunday - Social Action and the local church

Foundations for Farming


Nick Priggis

Nick is a pastor, trainer, entrepreneur and people developer. He leads the eldership team at Hope Church Shrewsbury and is a trustee of social enterprise Hope Initiatives and the charity Bread which supports the poor and needy in areas of Ukraine and Zambia.


Social Action & The Local Church

What are the practicalities and challenges which face local churches who want to serve their communities. A closer look at the outworking of effective social action in local churches - with Martin Charlesworth & Natalie WilliamsTo read about about some of the social action initiatives going on in churches across the UK click here.

Martin Charlesworth

Martin lives in Shrewsbury with his wife Jane and has three grown-up daughters. Prior to leading Jubilee+, Martin led Barnabas Community Church, Shrewsbury and helped develop its strong emphasis on social action and community engagement. He is still part of the Barnabas eldership team. He has co-authored two books with Natalie Williams, The Myth of the Undeserving Poor and A Church for the Poor.

Natalie Williams

Natalie grew up in a working-class family in the deprived but beautiful seaside town of Hasting. She was the first person in her family to go to university. After graduating, she worked as a journalist in London and Beijing. She encountered the wonderful mercy of God at 15 and has wrestled with Him ever since.

Natalie now works for King’s Church Hastings, where she oversees communications and social action, and for national charity Jubilee+heading up communications and policy. Natalie is co-author with Martin Charlesworth of The Myth of the Undeserving Poor (2014) and A Church for the Poor (2017). Natalie will be speaking on 'A Coming Crisis'.

Any gospel which does not embrace both 'evangelism' and 'social action' is a counterfeit, offering either an escapist's dream, which leaves power structures of the world untouched, or a mere social reform which leaves the soaring spiritual dimension of reality out of consideration, and thereby dooms itself to compromise and failure. 

N.T. Wright Spiritual and Religious