Site Info - Devoted 2019

ALCOHOL – Alcohol is allowed across the site for those over 18, but please remember that Devoted is a family event. 

BBQ’s – Sorry, but... no BBQ’s are allowed in the camping areas. There are some designated BBQ areas, which our information team can tell you more about. 

BUGGIES – We love children, we have family worship, and we want you and your children to have a great week. So, feel free to bring your buggies to any and every venue! Just please be aware that we need to keep the venues safe in case of emergency, meaning that a steward might just ask you to move your buggy to one side. Please don’t be offended; it’s for everyone’s safety. 

CARS - Once you’ve unloaded, please remove your car to the car park. The site
is a no car site. EXCEPT if you are a blue badge holder, you can bring your car to the onsite car park which is near to the main venues. Only people who have been issued with a pass will be allowed to drive onsite once the weekend has started. The speed limit is 5mph and we ask for no car movement between 9.30 - 10am, 10.45-11.15am and 6.30 - 7pm as these are busy times around the site. 

CAMPING SHOP – Please note that there is a camping shop with all sorts of helpful things that you’ve forgotten – it’s in the Hub, and open when the Hub is open. 

CASH MACHINES – There are no cash machines on site, but there are supermarkets within 5 minutes of the site. 

FIRE SAFETY – There are fire points located around the site which are clearly signposted. Please do not allow your children to play with them or empty them. 

FIRST AID – There is a First Aid point located at the front of the Bingley Hall, which is open 24hrs. We also have a paramedic on site if needed. You can contact the paramedic at either the First Aid post, Information Point, or through any of volunteers with radios. Alternatively, call our onsite emergency line: 07940 496001 or 03000 110121. 

GAS – There is a camping shop in the Hub that is selling Camping Gaz this year, subject to the Hub opening times. 

GENERATORS – Once again, sorry – for Health and Safety reasons, we’re not allowing any generators on site. 

HOOK UPS – This year, you may be fortunate and be located near to a hook up. If you are, be thankful in all things! But be aware that if you do hook up, we will come and ask you to pay £20 for the weekend. (Unfortunately, we get charged for the electricity we use, and are simply passing on the cost) 

INFORMATION POINT – This is located in the entrance of the Bingley Hall (Main venue) and is open from 9am – 7pm. You can find about all that’s happening around site and give to the offering (or redeem IOU’s) along with many other interesting snippets of information. 

LOCAL MEDICAL AMENITIES - Our First Aid team are available for immediate need, but if you need other advice or medicine etc., these might be of use to you

Accident and Emergency facility is County Hospital, Weston Road, Stafford ST16 3SA
Dentist - Great Haywood Family Dental Practice, Brewery Lane, Great Haywood, Stafford ST18 0SN. Tel: 01889 882873
GP practice - Hazeldene House Surgery, Main Road, Great Haywood, Stafford, ST18 0SU. Tel: 01889 881206
Pharmacy - Cornwells Chemist Ltd, Weston Road, ST18 0BF. Open 8.30am - 6pm (there is also one at Asda ST16 3TA)
Walk-In Centre is at Cannock Chase Hospital, Brunswick Road, Cannock, Staffordshire, WS11 5XY 

LOCAL AMENITIES -There is a shop on site in the Bingley Hall, but if you need extra things, here’s a couple of suggestions:

Asda supermarket (With cash point), 5 minutes drive away at ST16 3TA.
Launderette - Posh wash, 18 Charnley Road, ST16 3JX, or Clean Express 50 Holmcroft Road, ST16 1JB
Taxi - Stafford Taxi’s 01785 500 123 or Smart Cars Taxi 01785 247247 

LOST PROPERTY – Any items handed in will be held at the information point UNTIL Monday 2pm, when they will be disposed of! 

NOISE – All events finish at 11pm, so can we politely ask you to keep the noise down from that point on – there are lots of young children and sleep deprived parents who might need lots of beauty sleep. They might not be quite so polite! 

PETS – Again, an apology. No pets of any kind are allowed on site. Of course, Guide Dogs and other support animals will be most welcome! 

PHONE CHARGING - There are phone/tablet-charging points in the Hub. However, charging is your responsibility not ours, so please do not leave your belongings unattended! 

PHOTOGRAPHY – We are filming and photographing throughout the weekend, normally for publicity etc. for 2020. If you do not want to be photographed, please politely talk to the photographer. 

SAFEGUARDING – We take the safeguarding of children and vulnerable adults seriously on site. A copy of our policy will be available at the information point. If you have any concerns at all, our safeguarding officers are Steve Hurd and Sarah Hogben. You can contact them via the Information Point, or the Devoted site office.

All servers who are in direct contact with children are DBS checked and their serving is agreed by their local elders. 

The site does have other people than us working on it at various times, but is not open to the public while we are on site.

2) If a child goes missing, or is found, please inform someone with a radio. Our policy is to close all entrances until the child is reunited with their parents / carers.

3) The gates will close at 11pm each evening. A Security team will be on the gates through the night for emergencies. 

WASTE – There are number of bins on the site, which will be regularly emptied. Please note: your site MUST be rubbish free when you leave!  All the waste is taken to a local recycling plant where it is sorted appropriately. 

WIFI – We’re sorry but there is no public WiFi currently available on site. You will need to use your mobile phone’s 4G signal instead, if this available to you. 

WRISTBANDS – You MUST have a wristband to get into any venue on site. If you lose yours, please go to the Information Point for a 50p replacement.

Read the full handbook here. Handbooks will be available upon arrival - <small>All information stated in the brochure is correct at time of printing and subject to change without notice.</small>