Demolishing Strongholds - Book Review

Recommended Reading
We have put together a list of recommended reading to help you read around the various subjects we’re going to be looking at across our LifeZones and main sessions during Devoted 2019.

Our speakers for this year have suggested some books they thought you would find useful and we shall be posting a short review of some of the titles.

We are thrilled to have David Devenish with us at Devoted this year. David previously lead Catalyst, a network of Churches which is part of Newfrontiers, before passing in on to Simon Holley and his team in June 2017. David now leads the various apostolic leaders of Newfrontiers internationally, and in that context he leads the Newfrontiers Together Team.

Demolishing Strongholds: Effective Strategies for Spiritual Warfare by David Devenish.

In this brilliant book David shares insight drawn from many years of personal experience in helping people break free from strongholds that have bound them. In this no-nonsense guide to spiritual warfare, he gives us effective strategies for spiritual warfare which include: 
- Having a biblical model for understanding the enemy's strategies and dealing with them.
- Keeping a balance between the reality of Satan and the demonic realm, our responsibility for our actions, and the absolute sovereignty of God.
- Understanding that strongholds are wrong thinking and learning to use godly power to pull them down.
- Understanding our authority in Christ.
- Knowing our weapons and using them.

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Book Recommendations
Books we recommend on our website don't necessarily reflect the position or opinions of ChristCentral. We recommended them to help challenge and equip our church leaders in developing healthy and well rounded churches and disciples of Jesus.