500: Are We at the Dawn of a New Era of Glory?

Recommended Reading

You will find a number of excellent titles by Jarrod Cooper on our recommended reading list. It is a great privilege to have Jarrod as one of our main speakers this year. He is an author, songwriter, broadcaster & communicator, and leads Revive Church in Hull & East Yorkshire.
Do get hold of his books, they are very stirring and insightful. One of his more recent books is called ;
“500: Are We at the Dawn of a New Era of Glory?”
500 years after the dawn of the Reformation, Jarrod Cooper asks if we are entering a new Church Age? It would seem, from a study of biblical and Church history, that every 500 years some great adjustment and development of God’s workings on earth takes place. If this is true, it means that we are a generation destined to walk with God at another pivotal turning point in history.
Filled with prophecy, thought provoking teaching, a passion for revival, and a longing to understand the masterplan of the Father, 500 will take you on a journey of discovery that will help you understand your place in history, and helps us all ask the question:
”What do we do next?”
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Book Recommendations
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