Devoted - Food Options

All the food vendors on site are open from 8am throughout most of the day, except when the main celebrations are being held. Even if you’ve brought your own food, you could take time to get coffee, breakfast and meals through the day.

Shiloh Roasting

We’re delighted that Shiloh Coffee Roasters will be with us again on site in 2019. Mark Armstrong and his team will be selling great coffee to go in the Hub, but you can also buy bags of coffee to take home too this year! He will also be selling meals in the Hub at great prices – why not drop by, have a coffee, and get some great food?

Grandstand Cafe

This little secret place of rest under the Grandstand and near the Hub has a great range of breakfasts, lunches and meals at very good prices is open most of the day (other than meeting times).

Kendal Crepes

Out in the concourse, Kendal Crepes are setting up an outside cafeĢ area - there’ll be crepes of all flavours for you to enjoy, while the time away, and just sit and people watch.


There is a fully stocked shop on site at the corner of the Bingley Hall with everything most people camping will need. Why bother leaving the site, when you can get what you want at the shop?

All this and more can be found in our super helpful Event Guide which we hope will help you navigate your way through all that Devoted has to offer!